Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 862

Chapter 862

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Damian was hungry and tired. He did not know how many times he had shouted but only knew that his mouth was dry and his throat was hurting. At this moment, the door opened.

The iron gate made a sharp, piercing noise. The sound of leather shoes stepping on the ground made him feel like they were about to take him to an execution ground.

Damian’s heart pounded in fear. He was tired but still opened his eyes to look at the person who approached him unhurriedly with a tray.

It was a tall black figure whose face Damian could not see clearly, but for some reason, he thought the person was smiling. The person’s smile made Damian shudder.

“Who… are you?” He asked hesitantly and instinctively backed away. However, there was no room for retreat as his back was against the wall. His eyes darted around frantically.

“You don’t recognize me anymore, Mr. Damian?” The person stood before Damian and looked down at him as if looking at his prey. There was a cold smile on his lips while his eyes were even colder.

“It’s you!” Damian widened his eyes in surprise when he finally saw the person’s face clearly and suddenly sat upright. However, he was weak, and his violent movement pulled his wounds, causing him to grimace in pain.

“It’s you! It’s actually you! Why did you kidnap me? Do you want money? My dad can get someone to kill you right away!”

Damian cursed angrily, but the man remained indifferent without the slightest hint of fear.

The man chuckled and replied with a mocking smile, “I don’t believe that!” He squatted as he responded to Damian. Faint lights shone over his body as he moved and revealed his face-it was Nathaniel.


“Don’t you know your current situation, Mr. Damian? Do you still remember what it was before you came here?” Nathaniel kindly reminded him.

Damian was stunned and confused. He thought carefully and recalled that he had been a public enemy because of the perfume scandal. Damian dared not appear in public and became a complete loser. On the other hand, Arianna was about to take away all of the Tanner family’s assets.

“It was you!” Damian noticed something when he thought of this. He raised his finger at Nathaniel, accusing him, “It was all your doing. You’re the one who set me up! The perfume project, the perfumer, the model-it was all you, right? Why are you treating me like this? Who ordered you? It’s that b* tch, Arianna, right? What are both of you planning to do?!”

Nathaniel squatted, rested his chin on his hand, and looked at Damian. Suddenly, he laughed loudly, “Come on, Mr. Damian. You’re overthinking! Do you think we have such deep hatred? Do I need to play such a big game just to frame you?”

Damian was at a loss for words. He thought about it and asked, “So, it was all Arianna’s doing?”

“You and Arianna are half-siblings. Have you never thought of what she would have left after you took everything away?” Nathaniel sighed and looked at Damian as though he was an idi*t.

Damian was a silly child who had never experienced the harshness of society. He was too naive and simple.

“Hmph, I knew long ago that she was a scheming b*tch! Still, I didn’t expect her to be so cruel and dig a big hole for me to jump into! The project was a trap from the beginning. She was just waiting for me to take the bait, right?” Damian thought he had grabbed a big piece of pie at the beginning.

Unexpectedly, it was a trap.


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