Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 865

Chapter 865

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Nathaniel knew what Damian was concerned about, so he smiled casually. ‘You can choose whether or not to trust me: it’s entirely up to you.However, I’m only giving you this opportunity once.”

Damian was confused by his actions but tempted at the same time. How could one not give in when the offer was so attractive? He gulped and asked, “What do you need me to do?”

‘TH let you leave, then you have to surrender yourself to the police,” Nathaniel drawled, looking at the view before him and not at Damian. “You must admit to using harmful ingredients in the perfumes and that you were the one in charge of looking for a perfumer.

‘You need to tell the police that you were responsible for everything, including assigning La Beaute Group’s Lily Christian as the perfumer responsible for this project. However, you must emphasize that she was responsible for using harmful ingredients and that you were unaware.”

“Who’s the person from La Beaute Group?” Damian was confused as he had never heard of that person’s name, though he did find it familiar.

“I’ll send you a photograph of her, but that’s not important. Even if you don’t remember what she looks like, it’s fine, as long as you remember to relay everything I’ve just told you to the police. Ensure you tell the police that you’re the mastermind, that you were responsible for everything,” Nathaniel instructed.

Damian widened his eyes in disbelief, “Why should I do this? Isn’t that just suicide? I don’t think you’re trying to help me at all! You’re just spying for Arianna and trying to kill me faster!” If he did confess to all the crimes, his life would be over. How was

Nathaniel claiming to be helping him when he was just trying to trick him?

“I’ve told you. You can choose whether or not to trust me.” Nathaniel turned to look at Damian. The sun was shining from behind him, resulting in Damian only seeing Nathaniel’s blurry silhouette, not Nathaniel’’s expression.

Nathaniel continued, “If I weren’t confident in my plan, I wouldn’t have suggested it to you. Just because you’ve chosen to confess to the crimes doesn’t make you guilty. When everyone discovers you were not the one responsible, the public will naturally trust you more.”

Damian did not quite understand what Nathaniel was trying to say, but for some reason, he felt it made perfect sense.

‘Then, what’s in it for you? Why are you so determined to help me?” After experiencing this incident, Damian was more cautious than before. He knew there was no way people would help others without wanting something in return. Damian was sure Nathaniel wanted something from him, but he could not understand his motives.

At first, Nathaniel worked with Arianna to get Damian in trouble. Yet now Nathaniel was saying he wanted to help Damian. It was evident Nathaniel was no simpleton. He was intelligent and sly. Damian was in a dilemma, but there were no better options. He could only trust Nathaniel.

“It’s elementary, really.” Nathaniel walked away. Damian finally noticed two rundown chairs and something that looked like a cabinet. On it was a briefcase. Nathaniel removed some documents from the briefcase, including a stamp and pen.

“Come here,” he looked at Damian and instructed. As if in a trance, Damian walked toward him obediently. Nathaniel passed him the documents and ordered, “Signed these papers.”

“What are these?” Damian studied the documents and was surprised to see they were documents to pass his shares at Tanner Corporation to Nathaniel and a document for a promotion. The document stated that he would pass 55% of his total shares at Tanner Corporation to Nathaniel and appoint him as the company’s new director.

“Are you out of your mind?!” Damian shook his head and looked at Nathaniel as if he was crazy. “I don’t even have 5% of the company shares, so how can I give you 55%?”


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