Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 866

Chapter 866

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If Damian had that number of shares, he would not need to fight with Arianna for power. Even if Joseph gave him everything he had, it would not add up to more than 10% of company shares.

“Just because you don’t have it now doesn’t mean you won’t have it in the future,” Nathaniel sounded so sure of himself, “To prevent you from going against your promise, I want you to sign this now so that I can all feel at ease.”

“Are you sure?” Damian raised his eyebrows and asked in distrust. If he had 55% of shares from Tanner Corporation, he would get to call the shots as the whole corporation would be his. If that time came, Damian would not have to be afraid of anyone and would not even care about his position in the company.

After all, he only wanted to advance in the company and replace Arianna as an essential person that could support the Tanner Corporation. Still, he had never once imagined he would someday be able to obtain this amount of company shares.

It felt like a dream but was this possible? Nathaniel did not look like he was joking. However, Damian was still hesitant as he held the pen. If Damian somehow obtained 55% of company shares, it would mean the company would belong to Nathaniel the moment Damian signed the document. Would Damian be willing to give up everything after all he had done?

Damian had underestimated Nathaniel’s ambitions. He thought Nathaniel only wanted the general manager position or, at most, the company’s managing director. He never expected Nathaniel to want the whole Tanner Corporation.

“Why? You’re unwilling to give them up?” Nathaniel smiled as he noticed the look on Damian’s face. “Well, it’s not surprising. It is a huge amount. You can still choose not to sign them over and walk out from here freely. Unfortunately, you’d probably have to spend the rest of your life in prison.

‘Though your charges aren’t severe, your sister has already employed the best lawyers to ensure your sentence will be as long as possible. You better prepare yourself for that. Anyway, it ultimately doesn’t matter, does it? Since these won’t be yours anymore.”

Nathaniel’s words were like sharp daggers driving through Damian’s heart. However, what he said was the truth. Damian had already lost everything, even though he was unwilling to give up the power and riches. Still, he had never really possessed them, so it was quite a vague feeling.

Although it was a shame, those things were not even his, so there were no differences. At least, if he chose to sign this contract, he would first be able to walk away freely and move around without worries. There was also a possibility that he could take down

Arianna in the process.

After some thought, Damian finally concluded after weighing all the pros and cons. He tightened his grip on the pen and signed his name on the contract. He finished by stamping his custom seal on the contract.

Nathaniel took the contract and checked in detail to ensure nothing was amiss before placing it into his briefcase. He smiled, saying, “Mr. Damian, you’re free to go. These few days must’ve been tough for you. Make sure you rest well, and don’t forget to surrender yourself to the police.”

“You will help me, right?” Damian looked at Nathaniel hesitantly, as he still had a lingering doubt.

Nathaniel only smirked. “Even if you don’t trust me, you should trust the contract you just signed. If I choose not to save you, these will be in vain too.” He tapped his briefcase lightly after placing the documents back into it.

Damian thought for a moment and agreed with Nathaniel. Even though he did not know what Nathaniel had installed, he was willing to believe Nathaniel would not go through all this trouble just to trick him.


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