Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 867

Chapter 867

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Two major news appeared on the headlines-the first being Arianna and Noah’s public announcement that they were in a relationship. The media caught the couple on camera on a date being intimate with each other.

When asked if they had plans to get married or if they got involved because their families had proposed a business marriage, the couple gave the media a vague response while not denying its possibility.

If the two families did decide to be united in marriage, it would be massive news as Arianna and Noah had issues with Lily. The Tanner family was responsible for pressing charges against Lily for a corporate crime.

Simultaneously, the Perfumers’ Society claimed that Lily did not have an official license to practice her career as a perfumer.

With these two issues combined, it looked like they were working together to take Lily down.

There was also the news about something happening within the Perfumers’ Society. At first, the public was distracted from the issue of Lily’s perfumer license. However, the media refocused their attention again after Arianna and Noah publicly announced their relationship.

Sources claimed the couple was working together to take Lily down. There were also people claiming that Lily was the one who had problems, as she was not a well-known public figure, so why would the Tanner family or the Perfumers’ Society work together just to make things difficult for her?

Those claiming Lily had a problem also spread false information and her audio recording from before, saying if she could add medical properties to her perfumes, she could also add harmful substances.

Arguments and discussions happened both online and offline. Fortunately, this did not affect Lily as she was busy with her work and preparing for her counterattack. She had almost completed her new line of perfume, which progressed at the same speed as Lisa’s orders. All that was left was the lab test, and everything would be ready.

Lily was determined to remain silent as she allowed the Tanner side to make noise continuously. She was just waiting for the court to make its final decision. Soon after, something huge happened as well. Even though it was not as sensational as the two other news before, it was shocking to the parties involved.

Damian, who had disappeared for a few days, suddenly appeared at the police station and turned himself in. He claimed he was the mastermind behind this corporate crime and told Lily to add harmful ingredients to the Tanner Corporation’s new perfume. He also claimed he wanted consumers to become addicted to the smell and continue to purchase the perfumes.

Although he seemed honest and had given the police so much information about the case, they were somehow contradicting.

For example, the only link between Lily and him was just a single transaction, nothing else.

Furthermore, he could not even tell the police where or when they met to discuss their plans. The police also could not find the perfumer Damian had previously encountered. If what he said was true, there was no need to hide this perfumer.

In addition, Damian surrendering himself to the police happened too abruptly. It was so strange that the police could not help but become suspicious of his true intentions.

Arianna was very busy recently. On the one hand, she was preparing for a coup to overthrow her uncle. On the other, she had to prepare for her wedding with Noah. Arianna needed to travel back and forth between Kingsland and Sapphine city to meet with Noah’s family.

These things were already tiring her out, so when she heard the news about Damian surrendering to the police, she was stunned beyond words.

“Who found him? Was it the police? Where did they find him? How many days was he gone? Did they say where he went? Did he really get kidnapped?” Arianna asked the person reporting to her in a low voice.

“No, he went to the police station alone, but no one knows where he came from. No one kidnapped him since there were no requests for a ransom. Anyway, he’s at the police station, and they have him in custody. He had already admitted that he was the one behind this.”

“What? He admitted?” Arianna was dumbfounded. “What did he admit to exactly?”

“Damian said he was the mastermind behind this and was the one who approached Lily and told her to add the harmful ingredients to the perfumes. Since he has admitted everything, we no longer have to worry about him.”


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