Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 868

Chapter 868

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Arianna only shook her head. She did not seem relieved-instead, countless thoughts ran through her head. “No, no, something isn’t night.”

If Damian had suddenly appeared and told the police someone had framed him, that would make more sense. No one knew better than Arianna that Damian thought someone had framed him, and according to his character, he could not keep something to himself for such a long time.

Damian had disappeared for some time and reappeared just to surrender to the police. All this was so unusual. Arianna knew something was amiss when this bizarre incident happened. She feared it would ruin her plans.

“Nothing would go wrong, right?” Arianna’s underling frowned. “He has already confessed, so what else is there to verify? He was responsible for the project, so it’s only normal for him to take responsibility. Maybe you’re just overthinking, Ms. Tanner.”

“What do you know!” She reprimanded, “If it were that simple, why would I have gone through so much hassle to frame him? Where’s Nathaniel?”

“Mr. Hall has called in sick these past few days, so he’s not in the office now.”

“Fine. You can leave. Make sure to pay attention to information released by the police. Contact me as soon as you have more information,” Arianna instructed.

“Yes, Ms. Tanner.”

Arianna felt restless. There was something wrong, and she could feel it, but she could not tell what it was. Damian was not an intelligent guy and would not be able to think of such a detailed plan. Judging from his rash personality, he would not have confessed so honestly to the police if he thought someone had framed him.

After a moment of thought, Arianna took her phone and called Joseph,” Dad?”

“Are you happy now?” Joseph was silent for a moment before he asked mockingly.

Arianna chose to remain silent.

“Since your brother has to go to prison, you’re quite happy, aren’t you? Congratulations, President Arianna!” Joseph gritted his teeth before hanging up with a bang. Arianna could tell her father hated her now. She was so busy recently that she had failed to notice what was happening around her. She did not care about her father’s whereabouts as well. She wanted to ask where he had been, but Joseph did not want anything to do with her. Judging from his tone, Arianna was confident her father had not helped Damian. She could hear he was still upset.

‘Does this mean even dad doesn’t know why Damian was doing this?* Arianna thought.

Immediately after calling her father, she called Nathaniel. The phone rang for some time before someone finally answered it. His voice sounded hoarse and nasally, “Hello?”

“I heard you haven’t been at the office for a few days. Do you know that a lot has been going on? Do you still want that promotion or not?” Arianna said in annoyance.

“I’m sick, and I’ve already handed in my sick leave. You can’t just make me work when I’m still unwell,” Nathaniel sniffed and said while blowing his nose into a piece of tissue.


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