Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 869

Chapter 869

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Arianna instinctively moved her phone away from her ear as if hearing Nathaniel blow his nose would dirty her. After waiting for him to finish, she continued, “Could you power through it? I need you to come into the office. I have something important to discuss with you.”

“What’s the emergency?” Nathaniel sneezed and asked, I saw the news, aren’t you getting married soon? Congratulations! Is this related to your wedding plans? Don’t worry. I’ll be sure to attend the ceremony.”

“Enough of your nonsense!” Arianna frowned and continued in a low tone,” I’m not talking about that-I’m talking about Damian.”

“Didn’t he just turn himself in?” Everyone heard the news since the Tanner Corporation ensured the public discovered the perfume incident. So, everyone was waiting for the court’s decision as this issue had garnered much public interest.

“Yes, he turned himself in, but don’t you think it’s strange?” Arianna’s brows furrowed. “There must be someone behind orchestrating this. Damian had disappeared for a few days, yet he suddenly returned and surrendered. Don’t you think something’s amiss? Based on how he is, he would most likely come and confront me about this instead of surrendering himself to the police.”

“Maybe he had an epiphany and decided not to fight with you for the position anymore?” Nathaniel remarked dryly.

“I’m out of patience now, so can you please be serious? If we don’t find out who’s behind this, we might lose everything we’ve worked for because we won’t be able to prepare for a counterattack if something unusual happens!” Arianna paused and continued, “Do you think the person behind thls.Js my uncle?”

“Your uncle? Do you mean Derrick Tanner? Isn’t he lying in the hospital? How would he be able to do this?” Nathaniel asked in confusion.

Arianna was also doubtful. However, that was the only possibility she could think of. Derrick’s health was deteriorating, but he was not unconscious. Since he could still get his lawyer to prepare his will, what would stop him from making Damian do his bidding?

Besides, he also had his wife to help him. Although she looked gentle on the outside, Arianna knew what Stephanie was truly capable of.

Although Arianna had sent people to the hospital to ensure Damian would not be able to enter these past two days, she did not know what Damian was up to when he disappeared. She wondered if he had managed to sneak into the hospital to talk to Derrick. So, there was still a possibility that Derrick might be behind all this.

Since Benedict died, Derrick and Stephanie’s health had been taking a turn for the worst, so they would need a successor to the company. Still, they would never allow an outsider to be a successor to the Tanner

Corporation, so the only candidates were Arianna, Joseph, and Damian.

If Derrick had the same intentions as Joseph or wanted to get rid of Arianna, Damian would naturally be Derrick’s best bet. Arianna could not help the shivers running through her spine as she thought of these possibilities. If Derrick genuinely wanted to get rid of her, she would be in grave danger.

“Stop staying home, especially since this is a crucial time! I need you to be at the office, and I need to go to the hospital!” She finished and hung up.

Arianna exited her office and called Eloise, “Mom, I’m going to the hospital to check on Uncle Derrick. Where are you now? Let’s meet at the hospital.”

When Arianna arrived at the hospital, she was shocked to find out that there was no one in Derrick’s room. His ward and the entire floor were empty. The scariest part was that the people she had sent disappeared along with her aunt. It was as if everyone had vanished into thin air.


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