Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 872

Chapter 872

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Arianna was amazed as she connected the dots. She was not Derrick’s initial target but still got caught in the massive web her uncle had weaved. He had been planning this since the beginning.

‘He’s a sly and vicious man!’

Arianna was outraged. “Mom, it’s fine if Uncle Derrick was genuinely ill, but if not, it’ll all be over for me.”

Eloise could see the disappointment in Arianna’s eyes. She lovingly held her daughter’s hands and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t let anything happen to you as long as I’m around.

Don’t forget that the Tanner Corporation’s president position is still waiting for you, and you will inherit the family’s business!”

“Yes, you’re right! I’ll be the sole successor to the Tanner family business!” Arianna said with determination. However, she knew that even with her mother’s help, she would not be able to inherit anything as long as Derrick was still alive.

“Mom, even if Uncle Derrick wasn’t sick, it doesn’t mean we can’t take other measures.”


Arianna smacked her lips and decided against it, “Never mind, it’s nothing. We’re still unsure of the true situation, so let’s wait and see.” If Derrick was healthy, she could always make him sick. Since he loved to pretend he was sick, Arianna would ensure he got to play the part forever. There was no one home when the mother-daughter duo returned, which only deepened their unsettled feelings. Joseph did not even go home these past few days, so he was most likely at Elizabeth’s.

Eloise honestly did not care about his whereabouts as they had confronted each other. She had already given up hope for this man and could not care less about him. However, things were different now as it involved her daughter’s safety and the whole family’s. She needed to call Joseph back to discuss matters with him.

The phone rang thrice before someone answered it. A woman’s voice sounded, “Hello?”

Eloise’s blood boiled when she heard the woman’s voice, “Get Joseph to answer the call!”

‘Why should I listen to you? I won’t!” Elizabeth mocked Eloise and ignored her request.

Eloise gritted her teeth and said, “Elizabeth, I’m warning you, stop playing games with me. I don’t want to waste my time fighting with you. Just get Joseph on the phone. There’s something urgent I need to discuss with him.”

‘You’re so pathetic. Who said anything about fighting? Your daughter sure is capable. She made sure my son took the fall, so how are you so shameless to call me now? Eloise, I’ve put up with you for a long time on Joseph’s behalf. Now, I’ll get back at you for all you’ve done to me!” Elizabeth snapped back menacingly.

Eloise was fuming, “Don’t worry. I’ll be waiting, but now’s not the time for this. Where is Joseph? Is he dead?”

Elizabeth’s sickeningly sweet voice sounded in the background, which only fueled Eloise’s anger. “Joseph, she’s asking if you’re dead.”

Eloise could hear Joseph’s voice over the phone, “Tell her not to worry. I’ll be sure to die after she does.”

“Did you hear him? So, you should continue spending quality time with your daughter instead of bugging us!” Elizabeth finished and wanted to hang up.

“What I wanted to say has something to do with your son. I’ll only say it once, and if you choose to hang up, that’s it!” Eloise quickly told Elizabeth her intention before Elizabeth could hang up.

The line on the other side did not go dead, as Elizabeth had chosen not to hang up.


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