Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 873

Chapter 873

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“What do you mean, Eloise?” Elizabeth asked as she picked up the phone again. She was a bit skeptical of what Eloise wanted to relay, but since it involved her son, Elizabeth decided to continue listening.

“Nothing. If you get Joseph to answer the call, I’ll talk to him. I won’t say anything if you choose not to pass him the phone. Your son has confessed he was responsible for everything, and I’ve spoken to my lawyer. You’d probably have to wait till he’s 40 for him to get out of prison!”

Elizabeth was frightened by what Eloise had just said. She yelled angrily,” Stop trying to scare me! My son did nothing wrong! You and your daughter are the ones who framed him!” Even though Elizabeth tried to sound harsh, she still passed the phone over to Joseph, saying, “Take it! If she calls again, I’ll throw your phone out the window!”

‘What do you want, Eloise?!” Joseph asked impatiently.

“Do you know that your brother left the hospital?” Eloise did not even bother to say hi and went straight to the point.

“He’s dead?” Joseph asked.

“He got discharged, not dead!” While Eloise corrected him, she knew Joseph knew nothing about this incident.

‘Well done to Derrick. His acting skills are Oscar-worthy,’’ Eloise thought angrily. She was sure he wasn’t even sick, let alone about to die. It was all just a part of his plan.

“His ward at the hospital was empty. He left two days ago and didn’t even return home. Stephanie had disappeared along with him, too, including the people I sent there. Don’t you think something is wrong?” Eloise asked.

Joseph was dumbfounded, but when he regained his composure, he said,” I don’t care anymore. He most likely has other plans. Let him be then!”

He was exhausted. His son had surrendered to the police and confessed to the crimes, and Joseph could not save him anymore.

As for the company, Arianna had already taken everything away from him. If Damian could not walk away from this, Joseph would no longer be motivated to fight for power.

“Fine, then!” Eloise nodded, “Since you don’t care about this family nor the company, you can enjoy the rest of your life with your mistress and precious son. If push comes to shove, we’ll all crash and burn!” Eloise threatened and hung up angrily.

Joseph no longer cared about anything, but was his son more important than the Tanner family’s future?

“Mom, are you okay?” Arianna had expected this to happen, but because her mother insisted on calling her father, she just stepped back.

“Let’s just pretend your father is dead. We’ll think of something on our own. The most important thing now is to search for your uncle’s whereabouts, and the next is to ensure everyone at the company stays calm. Since you can’t get your uncle’s shares, it’s best to focus on winning the other shareholders’ favors,” Eloise advised.

“It won’t be easy since they’re the company’s founders. Even though I have some support, most of them had worked alongside Uncle Derrick, so it’ll be difficult to win them over.” Arianna was well aware of this. That was why she chose to confront her uncle. She needed more of the company shares.

“Interests, silly girl. It all comes down to interests. If you show them you have their best interests in mind, I assure you that you will win their support in the shareholders’ meeting in two days. If that doesn’t work…” Eloise trailed off.


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