Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 874

Chapter 874

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Eloise paused before continuing, “Try your best to gain as many shares as you can, and also try to liquidity those shares into cash, understood?”

“Mom, that’s illegal.” Arianna’s heart skipped a beat after hearing what her mother said.

‘Try your best to do it as cleanly as possible. Make something illegal seem legal,” Eloise explained nonchalantly. ‘This was something that frequently happened in the past.

However, you must ensure you do this fast. I’m worried your uncle might be planning something. Make sure you get your people to man the lobby entrance,” Eloise instructed.

“Okay, I understand,” Arianna replied nervously. It felt like she was preparing for a colossal war.

“Ari, we can only depend on ourselves now. Wait, there’s still Nate. I’ll ask him to help,” Although Eloise could no longer salvage her relationship with her husband, she still had her children, and that was enough.

On the other hand, Joseph sat in a trance after Eloise hung up on him. He could only return to his senses when Elizabeth came over and kicked him.

“Do you miss her now? You can go back anytime! There’s no need for you to show me that face!” Elizabeth snapped angrily.

“What are you raging about now?” Joseph sighed and continued, “El called to inform me that my brother had left the hospital. He and my sister-in-law have disappeared.”

“Oh,” Elizabeth replied, “So what? It’s not like they’re bedridden. Of course, they could leave anytime. Besides, your brother is already so old. Why are you still worried about him?”

“You won’t understand even if I told you,” he snapped in annoyance.

Elizabeth was a beautiful and curvy woman. She was a vixen that could make him lose his temper sometimes. Unfortunately,

Elizabeth was not the sharpest tool in the shed, which was her only downfall. Her foolishness could make her seem cute sometimes, but whenever something serious happened, she was just an idi*t who would annoy anyone.

Joseph was feeling that now. After what had happened to Damian, all she did was cry and throw tantrums at him. When Damian surrendered to the police, she pestered Joseph to rescue the kid from prison.

However, she never even considered how they could help Damian and their chances of bailing him out of prison. All she could do was whine. Joseph used to think her antics were cute, but she was getting on his nerves lately, as she was just too naive and dimwitted.

It was moments like these that Joseph would miss Eloise. She would always pay attention to the details and try her best to understand the situation. She often thought of things that would sometimes skip Joseph’s mind and help him whenever he was in a pinch.

“You’re right! I don’t understand anything! I’m not like your wife, so why are you still here? Your son is still in custody, yet you’re here worrying about your sick brother? I don’t understand you sometimes!” Elizabeth yelled.

“If it weren’t for my sick brother, do you think I could provide you with such a lavish lifestyle? To buy luxurious cars and provide you with an extravagant house to live in? Why don’t you use your brain for once instead of just crying and throwing tantrums?! If your crying could get Damian out, by all means, keep it up!” He shouted back, stood up, and walked away.

Elizabeth was astounded by his outburst. “What are you doing?! Where do you plan on going?!”

“Elizabeth, let me tell you something. If my brother had set a trap for US, everyone, including you and Damian, would be done for!” He sternly remarked.

Elizabeth was shocked and stood frozen on the spot.


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