Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 875

Chapter 875

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Unlike the Tanner family, Lily’s week had been relatively peaceful. The paparazzi had stationed themselves outside her studio but could not get anything on her since she barely left her workplace.

She only traveled back and forth between home and her studio. Moreover, Alexander and Lily had made their relationship public long ago, so the media had even less to dig into. Ultimately, the paparazzi voluntarily left since there was nothing to do.

On the other hand, there was finally news about the Perfumers’ Society, as officials had decided to investigate them. News about them caused a massive stir regarding the society’s integrity, such as Lawrence being the society’s qualified advisor and whether the other members had accepted bribery during competitions.

This issue had caused public outrage, and officials had no choice but to look into it.

The Perfumers’ Society now faced possible dissolution as the public had negative impressions of most of its perfumers. Therefore, some members started to leave while those who applied to enter halted their applications.

As controversies happened left and right in Hyderland, the fashion show at Bryxton city ended with a bang. The show’s highlights were the models’ outfits and the four-seasons- themed perfumes they introduced. This line of perfumes was a hit throughout the city.

The perfumes were popular amongst the models, then the public, and eventually became a hit throughout Bryxton City. Even consumers unfamiliar with perfumes started to enquire about them after hearing about them through word of mouth.

The perfumes had an intoxicating smell, and most who had a sniff would instantly fall in love with them. The socialites of Bryxton city were also trying every way possible just to find out the perfumes’ brand so they could purchase them.

“Lilsy, you sure you’re not interested in mass producing them? I guarantee they’ll be an instant hit with the public!” Lisa went out of her way to call Lily from Bryxton city, trying to change Lily’s mind.

“You have no idea how many people have approached me just to ask where I got them. Some were even willing to pay a deposit just to preorder the perfumes. Our company was delighted as your perfumes gave us an amazing opportunity to advertise ourselves!”

‘Your performance in the event was the most vital point. That was the success, not the perfumes,” Lily replied while dipping a strip of paper into her newly made perfume to test it. The perfume gave off a pleasant fragrance that would make one feel relaxed.

“No, that’s not it! Even though I acknowledge we did well, I still think your perfumes were the most crucial thing in the event.

We’ve done fashion shows and received numerous praises in interviews, but this time, everyone focused solely on the perfumes we used. If I may, some might’ve thought our show was a perfume exhibition.”

It was a pleasant and unexpected turn of events.

“Lilsy, are you sure you’re not going to accept orders on this line? I believe Alexander would be able to help with the manufacturing side. You can easily earn some big bucks. Doesn’t that sound great?” Lisa continued to persuade Lily.

“I never thought of accepting any other orders. What matters most to me is that you’re all happy with my perfumes,” Lily chatted with Lisa for a while more before hanging up.

“So, you’re not planning to introduce ‘Four Seasons’ to the public? They are such amazing products, and I love them. Honestly, I think they’re probably my favorite!” Olivia said while glancing at Lily, “If we sell them, I’m sure the profit will be shockingly good.”

“I know,” Lily nodded in acknowledgment, “But doing this just for the profit?”

Olivia was speechless. She could not understand what Lily meant by that.

‘If it isn’t for profit, then what’s it for? Charity?’

“I want to do something more, like a long-term goal, not for some minor profit,” Lily remarked.


If they decided to release Four Seasons, Olivia was sure their profit would have nothing to do with the word “minor.” However, it was still Lily’s product, so she should be the one to call the shots. Therefore, Olivia would not overstep her boundaries.

As Lily was just about to continue talking, her phone rang. She looked at the caller ID, and it was a number she did not recognize. She answered the call, “Hello?’


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