Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 876

Chapter 876

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“Hello, is this Ms. Lily speaking?’ The person calling spoke to Lily fluently in English.

Lily froze for a moment before nodding. “Yes, this is her.”

The caller responded straightforwardly, “I’m calling to inquire about the perfume one of the models from Aisha Agency used in Bryxton City’s fashion show. You were the one who devised and developed the themed series, am I right?”

Lily asked, ‘Where did you get that information?”

Hearing her vigilance, the caller laughed and said, “Ms. Christian, please don’t misunderstand. We have no malicious intentions. We’re from Grandeur. We’re very interested in your perfume and want to discuss a collaboration with you. Do you have some free time?”


‘The world’s largest perfume brand and company?’

“That’s right. We’re the Grandeur you’re thinking of. W-We’re not scammers and are interested in your perfumes. Look, can we discuss this sometime?” The Grandeur representative seemed to be able to guess Lily’s thoughts.

Lily pondered for a while before replying, “As far as I know, your headquarters is in Bryxton City, correct?”

“Yes, but Ms. Christian, if you don’t want to come here, our regional general manager in Hyderland can contact you.” The representative was very polite and thoughtful.

Lily’s mobile phone was flat on the table, and the voice was loud enough. Olivia was close enough to hear almost everything and covered her mouth in shock while her eyes widened.

‘Oh my gosh! Grandeur is calling?! It’s the world’s largest perfume brand.’

Many perfumers dreamed of collaborating or working with them, but they were the ones who took the initiative to request a collaboration with Lily. Olivia wondered if Grandeur wanted Lily to be their perfumer.

“Oh, there’s no need.” After some thought, Lily continued, “Why don’t you just talk about it? What do you want US to work with?”

Olivia placed her palms on her chest, shocked at how Lily spoke. Typically, it was a great honor to work with Grandeur, but Lily refused to meet with them and told the representative to discuss things on the phone. Olivia thought Lily was too courageous.

“Um…” The representative probably did not expect Lily to refuse their offer so quickly. The representative hesitated for a while and then said bluntly, ’ Well, our company intends to collaborate with you in two ways. Firstly, you will join our company with your themed perfume series and become a perfumer for Grandeur.”

“What’s the second?” Lily seemed more interested in the second condition.

The representative did not expect Lily not to be interested in such a favorable condition because most would fail to work with Grandeur, no matter how many people tried. “Ms. Christian, let me remind you that we are Grandeur.”

“I know. You guys are the number one perfume brand,” Lily said, indicating she was not confused. “So, what is the second option?”

“If you’re not interested in the first option, you can choose to sell your themed series of perfumes to our company. We’re willing to buy its ownership. As for the price…”

“Nope, sorry,” Lily said the two words directly.


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