Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 879

Chapter 879

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Somehow, someone bailed Damian out of jail.

Nathaniel appeared at the police station wearing a neat suit and looking energetic. “I’m here to bail Mr.Damian out. By the way, I also want to report someone.”

‘Who do you want to report?” The officer frowned as he thought the Tanner family was going in circles with this incident. It was so troublesome.

“I want to report Ms. Arianna, the Tanner Corporation’s vice president, for threatening Damian to give a false testimony.”

The surrounding police officers looked at each other in surprise.

After a while, Damian saw Nathaniel and smiled. When Lily exited her interrogation room, she saw those two and was shocked.

However, everything made sense to her after some thought.

Nathaniel had joined Tanner Corporation, so it was not unusual for him and Damian to get together. It was not a strange thing at first, but suddenly a light flashed in her mind, and many things came together. Everything connected as Lily became more aware of the situation, which she could not piece together before.

‘Ms. Christian, I’m sorry.” Damian walked over and lowered his head to Lily in front of many police officers. “I’m sorry that I accused you!”

Lily was dumbfounded and wondered what tricks Nathaniel was playing this time. She took a step back subconsciously and asked, “What do you want?”

‘I sincerely apologize to you. I didn’t intend to frame you, but Arianna threatened me. She told me to do this. I had no choice. So I want to apologize for that!”

Lily looked at Damian and then raised her head to look at Nathaniel standing not far away. He looked calm, not surprised at all, and his eyes fell on her sparsely.

“You mean Arianna ordered you to frame me? Why would she do that? I don’t know her that well.” It was not that Lily liked Arianna and wanted to defend her, but she thought something was amiss. She knew it was not as straightforward as Damian said.

Damian framed her but apologized the next moment. It was just a matter of talking, and Lily did not think Arianna had blackmailed Damian.

‘Arianna wanted to take over Tanner Corporation, so she proposed a big project. She was the one who wanted to add harmful ingredients to the perfume, but I didn’t know at that time. She teamed up with the fake perfumer to deceive me.

“After the incident, she threatened me with my mother’s safety and forced me to accuse you. She said she would tell her lawyer to put all the charges on you so I could be released as long as I followed her orders, but she lied. She didn’t even care about me.”

“So, you found your conscience and want to change your confession?”

Damian subconsciously looked back at Nathaniel, scratching his head. “Y- Yes.”

Nathaniel approached Damian to stand beside him. He looked at Lily and said, “Arianna planned the whole incident, and you’re also a victim. She wanted the highest position in the company, so she did something to the perfumes, and that’s when the controversy broke out.

“Arianna sent Damian to prison because she thought he threatened her plans. Then she could become a hero who saved the company by smoothly getting the president position. By the way, Arianna still persecutes and threatens her uncle’s family.

“She also teamed up with Noah from the Perfumers’ Society to frame you. She wants to eliminate you as a competitor and advertise Tanner Corporation.” Nathaniel made it sound like Arianna was heinous and full of evil, but it was debatable since Lily knew who was truly speaking.


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