Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 886

Chapter 886

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Alexander desired his wife, so he kissed her lips before she could finish her sentence.

Lily had been so busy that they had not made love for quite some days. Seeing her returning home tired every day, he felt sorry for her and could not bear to disturb her. Now, seeing her so spirited and energetic, he could hardly hold back his desires for her.

“Alex, don’t… I’m already late…”

One could almost feel the heat in the air as the two made passionate love. As for the flight. no one gave a d*mn about it. After some time, Lily rolled over. She knew she had to get up but was so sore all over that she could hardly move.

Ahand reached over from behind her, slid down to her waist, and moved to the front. Lily was not in the mood and wanted to take Alexander’s hand off but felt his palm stay on her belly to give it a gentle massage.

She shuddered and let him continue.

“Now I am 100% missing my flight,” Lily let out a helpless sigh.

Alexander moved closer, spooned her from behind, and asked softly, “So you’ve decided to work with Grandeur?”

His warm breath tickled Lily’s neck, and she drew her neck, nodding. “Yes.”

“I thought you wanted to create your own brand?”

She had mentioned it more than once, which was why she wanted the studio.

“They can go together. I’m still going to create my brand. If Grandeur wishes to collaborate, they can invest or cooperate in other aspects, like co -branding.” She squirmed and turned over to face him.

But he did not loosen his arm and kept it around her waist, still holding her close. Lily used to think he was generous, but she realized Alexander was a possessive man who knew how to control his urges.

“Do you think Grandeur will agree to your request?”

As Grandeur was such a huge international brand, many wanted to work with them, and getting approached by them for collaboration was something that one could only wish for. Now that she was asking them to create a co-brand with her newly started studio, would Grandeur agree to it?

“There’s no guarantee they will agree to it, but there’s no harm asking. If they weren’t intent on working with me, they wouldn’t have called me after I rejected them the first time. Since they called and asked to meet me while offering room for discussion, I think it shouldn’t be a problem.”

“So they’ve already called you?”

“Yes.” Lily nodded. ‘They wanted to buy out the patent a few days ago, but I said no.”

She answered frankly, but Alexander’s gaze became thoughtful. “You’re starting to have secrets now, huh? I didn’t even know about the call.” He pressed his forehead against hers and rolled on top of her. “I guess I have to punish you somehow.”

“Alex, no…” Lily whined, “My flight…”

Now she could never catch it.


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