Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 887

Chapter 887

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Arianna never expected to suffer defeat at the hands of such a person. She thought she had everything under control and figured her only hurdle would be her uncle. However, she did not realize one of her henchmen would ultimately betray her.

Eloise looked as if she had aged ten years as she sat across the table, with gray hair showing on two sides. “Ari…” Her eyes were reddish and still swollen. She had never looked so miserable.

“Are you happy seeing me like this?” Arianna curled her dried lips. “Now you can depend on your precious son to give you a life of comfort, huh? You’re just like dad. All you guys care about are your sons. Why bother to give birth to me, then?”

She chuckled. I was so stupid and naive to think you were sincere in helping me.”

“Ari, please, I never knew about Nate’s plan, and he had kept me in the dark. Please believe me!” Eloise said hurriedly, distressed by the disappointed look Arianna gave her.

Although it did not matter to her whether Arianna or Nathaniel obtained control of Tanner Corporation, she did not want the two siblings to hurt each other. She had worried that Arianna would target Nathaniel after she took over the company, but the opposite happened instead.

“Enough!” Arianna raised her voice and looked up. “I don’t want to hear your lies anymore, so save it for your precious son. You don’t need to keep up the pretense since I’m no longer of use to you.”

She continued impatiently, “Save your tears and theatricals for your precious son, my best actress, Mom!”

“Ari, how could you say that? I’ve never…” Eloise could not even finish her sentence when Arianna got up to leave. “Ari, I’ll think of a way to save you! Yes, I’ll seek help from Noah. The Richards family must be able to save you!” Eloise concluded that only Noah Richards could help her now.

After all, Noah should save his fiancee since the two had just gotten engaged.

After hearing the name, Arianna stopped, curled her lips, and wheeled slowly around. “Ms. Eloise Neville, don’t be naive! Don’t you know what the Richards family and Noah are like? Stop wasting your time!”

“No, no way! I’m sure he’ll come to save you. He will yield to the public’s opinion even if he doesn’t want to!”

“Forget about him! He was here before you came and told me he would stay out of this. Since my relationship with him was based on mutual interest, all he could think of was to cut me loose so I wouldn’t get him into trouble, let alone offer to help me.”

“H-How could he do that?” Eloise was so shocked that she hardly knew what to say, but deep down, she had vaguely anticipated it.

Having been in the world of the rich for such a long time, how could she not understand how things worked? However, finding themselves in trouble, she could not help but hope that there could be genuine relationships around and people would stick together during hardship.

‘Ari is right that I’ve been too naive. Who would risk their self-interest for a woman they have not even married? In the world of the rich, everything is about self-interest, and there’s no such thing as genuine relationships.”

“Anyhow, Nate doesn’t need to feel so pleased with himself. Does he honestly think he’s so smart? He only got the upper hand due to my oversight. Uncle Derrick-”


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