Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 889

Chapter 889

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Damian looked at his father and became slightly agitated because he had not seen him for many days. More importantly, it had been a difficult period for Damian. “Dad…”

Joseph wanted to scold him, but he noticed how much weight his son had lost. He heaved a sigh and sat down. “Where have you been the last few days?”

“I got kidnapped by Nathaniel Hall.”

“So it really was him!” Joseph sighed again. He had expected it, but he still got upset hearing the answer.

‘That man is truly a wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Knowing his track record, Joseph was unhappy when Arianna brought this man into the company, but he did not think much about it then.

He almost bought the rumor about Arianna having an intimate relationship with the man. still, considering her preference for men, Joseph knew it was unlikely she would fall for someone like Nathaniel. After Arianna became engaged with Noah Richards, he grew more certain of it.

Yet, he had never expected that Nathaniel was a son Eloise had given birth to before they married. It was more than a burning shame to him as her bast*rd son had now taken everything away from him.

“It’s all your fault!” Having learned about this, Elizabeth mocked him, “You always asked me to tolerate her and save her face, but has she saved yours?”

“Enough! What good does it do to mention this? Just drop it.” Troubled, Joseph did not want to talk about it as it would only upset him further.

However, Elizabeth was stubborn. Although her son was safe, she had lost everything now that Tanner Corporation had fallen into an outsider’s hands. She might have kept quiet before, but it was impossible to shut her up now.

“Drop it? Why should I? You’ve always lectured me over her. Now, look at what Eloise has done. Her son has taken control of the whole company, and Tanner Corporation will become Hall Corporation soon!

“Eloise can finally enjoy a life of comfort after manipulating everyone. What about you? What do you have left?! I thought you knew your sh*t, yet she fooled you!”

Elizabeth’s words stung Joseph as he yelled, “I told you to drop it!”

‘I know I was foolish not to keep my guard against El. I’ve lost everything that belongs to my family, but will she truly leave me with nothing?! No way! I will not give up without a fight!’

“Damian, did you say Nathaniel Hall kidnaped you?” He suddenly looked over at his son. Surprised, Damian nodded. “Yes, I was.”

“Do you remember where he held you and how it happened? Also, do you have proof?”

“You want to press charges against him?” Elizabeth responded immediately.

Damian had thought about it, too, but was somewhat hesitant. “Proof? What proof could I have? He took my phone and took me away after I became unconscious. I only remember being in an abandoned building, but I don’t know where exactly. I was blindfolded when they sent me back.”

“Damian suffered so much then. How could he remember much? Besides, with that man in control of everything, it won’t be easy to press charges against him, right?”


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