Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 891

Chapter 891

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Behind a massive desk in the Tanner Corporation Building was a near- transparent glass wall-wiped so clean that it looked nearly transparent, allowing light to shine through freely.

He looked beyond the glass and took in the sprawling city landscape, thinking this was the pinnacle of his life and that he deserved to work there.

Nathaniel was holding a wine glass with its red liquid swirling inside. Its color was bright and compelling. He recalled the past few months with a slight smile as if what happened was only a dream.

He thought he could build a career through his own efforts and become somebody that people would look up to, but his company went bankrupt, and he had to dodge his creditors like a complete loser.

Arianna then took him in and brought him into the company. He knew she was just using him and would cut him loose when she obtained her goal, so he had long prepared for his game plan.

Each thought he or she was the mastermind, not knowing they were all Nathaniel’s pawns. Now, everything had ended, and Nathaniel had achieved fame and success. However, Derrick Tanner refused to give Nathaniel his shares, no matter what.

Although Nathaniel had seized the highest position in the company by forging an appointment letter and buying over several small shareholders, he still felt insecure if he could not get his hands on the shares.

It was good that Derick and his wife were in Nathaniel’s hands, and he could do whatever he wanted with them.

After a knock on the door, the secretary entered. “Mr. Hall, Mrs. Tanner is…”

As she hesitated, Nathaniel saw Eloise coming into the office and waved his hand. “Leave US, and don’t let anyone in without my permission.”

“Yes, sir.” The secretary left the office.

The door closed, and Eloise fixed her gaze on him. The golden sunlight pouring in from behind Nathaniel enveloped him, turning him into a silhouette, his facial expression too dark for Eloise to see.

‘Perhaps I’ve never truly seen him the way he is and never understood him,’ Eloise thought.

‘Take a seat.” He waved proudly. It was hard not to be smug, and he wanted to be so. He thought he deserved to be proud after successfully manipulating everyone and becoming the ultimate winner.

However, his prideful attitude stung Eloise.

“Now you’ve gotten what you wanted.” She glanced around at the office. It was so huge that 50 workers could work there without a problem. She had not come to the office often as it belonged to Derrick, but she noticed much had changed here.

“Why? Doesn’t it please you?” Nathaniel spread his arms as he chuckled.” Do you see how capable your son is? I’ve not only taken over the entire Tanner Corporation, everything else the Tanner family owns will be mine soon. Aren’t you happy for me?”

“You’ve done that at the cost of harming your sister? Do you know that she’s still in jail?”


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