Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 893

Chapter 893

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“You haven’t gotten the shares yet?” Eloise was shocked.

Eloise did not know much about business and could not understand how her son could become the CEO without getting Derrick’s shares.

‘That old fox is too stubborn, so I need you to persuade him. Now that his son is dead, why should he hold on to the shares? If he wisens up and agrees to the transfer, I’ll make him my godfather and take care of him until he dies. He has nothing to lose,” Nathaniel said casually.

‘Take him as your godfather?” Eloise raised her voice and could hardly believe it. “How could you say such a thing just for money and power?”

“Hal” Nathaniel looked at his mother, amused. “If you could abandon me to marry into a wealthy family, what’s wrong with me taking him as my godfather? If he agrees to hand me Tanner Corporation, I can even treat him as my real father!”

“Why you…” Eloise almost choked on her breath, not expecting her son to say such things.

“I know you’re healthy, so keep your drama to yourself. Even if you’re getting sick, get the agreement signed first. Don’t look at me that way. Everything I get will be yours, too, so why get upset? You’re not still thinking of giving everything to Arianna, are you? Even the Richards family has cut her loose. Don’t you get it?”

Eloise took a deep breath to calm herself while holding the agreement.” Where are they?”

“I’ll get someone to send you over.” He thought about it and curled his lips. “No, I’ll send you over personally.”

Nathaniel told his secretary he was leaving and brought Eloise downstairs, where an SUV waited with two bodyguard-looking men.

Eloise felt she could no longer recognize her son and asked coldly, ‘Why? You don’t trust me?”

‘Well, I wouldn’t have survived if I hadn’t always been so careful.”

Nathaniel smiled and waved, and someone blindfolded Eloise with a black cloth.

She struggled in vain and scolded, ‘What is this?! Are you worried I’ll learn the route and report it to the police?”

Nathaniel simply chuckled. ‘You never know. Under the current situation, I trust no one except myself.”

‘Well, well, I’ve raised a fine son!” Eloise snarled, but she stopped struggling and sat still. Since she could not see anything and did not want to talk to Nathaniel, she soon fell asleep.

By the time she woke up groggily, the SUV had pulled over. She winced as one of the bodyguards removed the blindfold. Sne slowly opened her eyes, adjusting to the sunlight.

It looked like a two-story building with a garden in a lovely environment. It was so quiet that Eloise thought she was in the middle of nowhere.

Not knowing where she was, Eloise looked about her and realized the house was the only building around. She wondered if they were in the mountains.

“Go.” Nathaniel did not get up from his seat. “Say hello to your old friends and persuade them.”

“You’re not coming?” Eloise asked with a frown.

“I’ll wait for your good news right here.” Nathaniel put his hands behind his head and leaned back smilingly. He was trying to pressure Eloise so that she could accomplish the task.


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