Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 894

Chapter 894

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Eloise knew it would be difficult since Derrick and Stephanie were stubborn as a mule and would not budge easily. If even Arianna had failed to obtain the shares despite her various attempts, there was no way Derrick would give them to an outsider.

However, she might as well visit them since she was already there. It had been a long time since she last saw the couple at the hospital, and she could hardly explain how she felt. Eloise walked toward the entrance, gave the door a gentle push, and it swung open.

The air inside smelled of food. Derrick and his wife sat at the dining table and had their meals quietly. As if they had not heard anything, they did not even look up at the sound of someone entering.

“Hi,” Eloise quietly said when she got near them.

Derrick ignored her while his wife looked up. “El, it’s you.”

“Steph.” Eloise felt a mix of emotions when Stephanie called her by her nickname.

Although she had spent her whole life scheming and hoping her family could take over the business from Derrick one day, she had not expected everything to end up this way and knew not what to say for a moment.

“Have you had your meal yet? Why don’t you join us?” Stephanie got up to set the table.

“No, no need.” Eloise stopped her hurriedly. “How have you two been?”

A look laden with grudges flashed across Derrick’s face as he continued to eat. His wife threw him a glance and sighed. “El, we’ve been sisters-in-law and friends for over 20 years. Do spare US your pleasantries.”

“I’m sorry, Steph,” As she spoke, Derrick slammed his spoon on the table, giving her a start.

“What’s the point of coming here and saying sorry to US? Don’t you think that’s rather hypocritical of you?” He said in a deep voice, his gaze fixed on the dining table and not looking up at her.

“I didn’t expect things to end up this way,” Eloise said with tears in her eyes. “I truly had no idea that Nate would…”

“You don’t know about your daughter’s scheme or that Nathaniel Hall is your precious son? El, you’re something else, aren’t you? You’re so capable of raising two children like them!” Derrick mocked Eloise with a cold smile, and Eloise felt embarrassed.

The truth was that the siblings had tried to harm each other, and now with Arianna in jail, Nathaniel did not even trust his own mother.

“I know it’s too late to say anything and that it’s all my fault, but please believe I had no idea. Now that Nate’s a grownup, he doesn’t listen to me. He even blindfolded me on my way here to see you guys. There’s nothing much I can do,” Eloise sighed and said in shame.

The husband and wife exchanged looks. Stephanie got up and seated Eloise. “Did he give you a hard time?”

“What are you saying? That’s her son!” Derrick snorted.

“Yes, you’re right. Nate won’t be as harsh to me since I’m his mother, but he still guards against me. I honestly had no idea he would do such a thing. At first, I only hoped he could get a job and settle down. Who would have thought that…”

‘Then how’s Joseph?” Stephanie asked again.


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