Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 895

Chapter 895

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“He’s…”After a pause, Eloise heaved a heavy sigh. “With all that has happened, I guess he’s been generous, not leaving me for the sake of our marriage.”

“With him keeping that woman for so many years, could he still hold it against you? Anyway, you two are quite alike in this aspect,” Derrick made fun of Eloise.

Eloise was embarrassed and speechless. She had expected them to be hostile, even though she did not choose to be there.

“All right, enough of your stories. What are you truly here for?” Derrick looked over at her as he spoke impatiently. Since Nathaniel was holding them as hostages, he knew

Eloise had not come just to chat with them.

“I…” She hesitated for a moment, glanced toward the door, and whispered.” You haven’t transferred your shares to Nate, have you?”

The couple shared a scornful look.

“So that’s why you’re here!” Derrick snorted, “Eloise, you’ve married into the Tanner family for so many years. Have my wife and I

ever mistreated you? How could you help your son to take what belongs to US?!”

“No, that’s not what I meant!” Eloise shook her head and hurriedly produced the document that Nathaniel had given her. “Nate asked me to bring this over for you to sign. Of course, I know what you guys are like, and you surely won’t sign it, but I have no idea what Nate would do if you don’t. He no longer listens to me.”

“Do you think I’m afraid of him? I’ve dealt with all kinds of situations.Would I bother to worry about a kid?” Scornful, Derrick did not even glance at the agreement.I’m not saying you’re afraid of him. It’s just that I worry that he… He cares about no one and even got Ari in jail. As you said, you two have always treated me like family. I don’t want to see you two suffer. I…”

“If that’s the case, take that thing and get out of our sight with your son! If you’re sincere to help, then get him to free us.”

“I told you he won’t listen to me. But Derrick, are you truly trapped here? Is there no other way out?” Eloise’s tone became meaningful as she kept throwing glances toward the door in case anyone would barge in.

“What do you mean by that?” Derrick said unhappily with a frown.

“No, I don’t mean it in a bad way. I’m just trying to say that Benedict-“

“How dare you mention him again?” Stephanie cut her off and scolded angrily, “Derrick almost died the last time Ari came to talk about him in the hospital. Are you trying to kill US? If that’s the case, do it quickly. Let’s see if you can get the shares or not!”

“Steph, it’s not my intention to agitate you guys. Since we’ve reached this point, why don’t we lay our cards on the table? I know Derrick’s hospitalization was part of his game plan, and the truth is that while we were scheming against one another, my son got the upper hand.

“Since Derrick faked his illness, he couldn’t have been agitated until he needed emergency procedures, and Benedict’s death might not be real. If he’s not dead, is he hiding somewhere? Is he part of your game plan, Derrick?”

What Arianna said the other day had reminded Eloise of such a possibility. However, the couple did not give much response to what she said.

Stephanie only fixed her gaze on her husband, worried he might pass out anytime.Clutching his chest with a frown, Derrick did not feel any discomfort besides being upset.


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