Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 896

Chapter 896

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“Please leave.” Derrick said.

“Derrick. I have no ill intentions. No one here wished for things to end up like this. How about this? If you sign the share transfer agreement, I’ll get Nate to promise not to rename Tanner

Corporation. That way. the company could retain its name although managed by a different person. With Nate’s abilities. he can make Tanner Corporation greater than before.”

“You truly know no shame!” Stephanie was not used to scolding people but uttered it despite herself, her face flushing

“Say no more. We wouldn’t sign it even if we were to die!”

“Do you think I won’t be able to get the shares if you’re dead?” Nathaniel pushed open the door and swaggered in. “You’re so naive! Don’t you know that even if you don’t sign it, you can’t change the fact that the company has become mine?”

“Oh, yeah?” Derrick snorted and looked askance at him. “Just wait.”

“Nate…” Not expecting him to come in, Eloise wanted to say something, but he held up a hand to stop her.

Nathaniel went over to pick up the share transfer agreement from the table, gave it a look, and tore it in half.

“Nate!” Eloise gasped.

Tearing up the halves, he tossed the pieces, and they drifted down.

Nathaniel revealed a confident expression. “Do you honestly think I need the agreement on a paper? Times have changed, you old sly fox, and it’s time for someone to hunt you down!”

“It’s too early to be so cocky, you little brat!” Derrick remained calm and smiled coldly.

“We’ll see who will have the last laugh then!” Nathaniel turned to leave and glanced at Eloise as he passed her. “Come on. Haven’t you had enough of their mockery?”

Eloise was speechless. She looked over her shoulder at the couple, moved her lips. and went after her son without saying a thing. After getting into the SUV. Nathaniel blindfolded his mother again, but she did not protest this time

Eloise’s mind became clearer since she could see nothing but darkness. She asked coldly. “When did you start planning all this?”

Nathaniel’s hands stopped, and his lips curled. “When your precious daughter put me in that shabby little house, I thought I’d make a grand comeback so no one would ever take me as a joke again.”

Eloise was stunned. She never expected him to have planned everything so early, yet she knew nothing about it. She even naively thought the two siblings could get along

‘How naive could I have been?! There truly are no genuine feelings and relationships in the world of the rich. Everything is nothing but a lie.’


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