Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 897

Chapter 897

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“Ms. Christian, we look forward to working with you” The other party put down the pen and picked up the two copies of the contracts, revealing a satisfied smile.

Lily took the contract, carefully looked it over, and extended her hand.” Looking forward to working with you too!”

She did not expect the collaboration discussion to go so smoothly as Grandeur readily accepted all of her terms with only slight amendments. In the next quarter, they would launch a co-branded series named “Grandeur de Lily,” which would be a win-win model for both parties.

Of course, it was not without precedents. Some famous perfumers had worked with international brands to launch co-branded series, which were very popular among consumers who chose their perfumes based on who the creators were.

As this was Lily’s first attempt to explore the international market, it would be challenging to achieve one-shot success through her alone effort.

Therefore, she thought it was an excellent opportunity to collaborate with Grandeur, although she would not compromise if they did not meet her terms.

Grandeur only worked with top perfumers. They would not have offered to collaborate if they were not impressed by Lily’s Four Seasons-themed series.

People overseas did not take perfumers from Hyderland seriously, and some even looked down on them. Therefore, if Grandeur offered to collaborate, Lily naturally had the upper hand, and it was not difficult to get them to agree to her terms.

Of course, she knew she must not make unwarranted demands and that the terms she requested had to be reasonable for her long-term goal. After signing the contract, she felt greatly relieved and stretched her arms.

Jenny flicked her finger at the contract and said enviously, “The contract offers great terms. I dare to say that not many perfume makers have received such good offers within our industry.”

“Luckily, you helped me go over the contract. I wasn’t even aware of some of the subclauses and wordings if you had not brought them up,” Lily said gratefully.

Jenny laughed. “It’s normal that you didn’t notice them. Anyone without experience or professional training couldn’t tell these contractual clauses apart as a team of lawyers wrote them. If I hadn’t signed many contracts before, I wouldn’t know what was wrong with them either.”

Lily nodded. She initially thought Alexander did not have to get Jenny to go with her, but now she had to admit it was a thoughtful idea.

Firstly, Jenny knew much about these things and could help Lily scan the contract and consult for and with her. Secondly, Lily was familiar with Jenny, so Lily did not have to work with a stranger. Another important reason, of course, was that Jenny was a woman.

La Beauté Group’s team of lawyers was all male, and Alexander might worry if a man went over with her. Lily even imagined that he might have flown over to help her with the contract if he had not been busy with a big project.

“With the contract signed, everything should go smoothly now, and you won’t need to worry about your studio’s long-term development. However, I guess you’ll get busy since there will be many orders from Grandeur annually, and they have a high demand for quality.” Jenny cocked her head and looked at Lily as she continued, “Aren’t you hosting the wedding ceremony soon? Don’t you want to take a break first?”

‘TH decide later. I haven’t thought about it yet.” As she moved her neck, she heard someone nearby say, “Looking forward to working with you”

It was common for people to discuss business deals here. What was unusual was that the person’s voice was so familiar to Lily that she could not help but look over.

She was stunned by what she saw. The young man got up to bid farewell and shook another person’s hand smilingly. Then he saw Lily. The young man reacted quite naturally compared to Lily. He smiled slightly and greeted her, “Lily, what a coincidence!”

Lily was speechless. Since he knew her name, she did not wrongly identify the young man.

“How are you…” Lily was so shocked that she hardly knew what to say.


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