Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 898

Chapter 898

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“How am I still alive?” The young man widened his smile and now locked much more mature than the unruly youth he used to be.

He dressed up like a businessperson with a white slim-fit shirt, hair combed neatly, and a briefcase in his hand. If he had not called Lily by her name, she could never be sure of who he was.

“Don’t say that.” Lily frowned. Although the young man was referring to himself, she did not feel comfortable hearing it. “It’s just that I’ve not seen you for a long time.”

Jenny looked on curiously as Lily interacted with the handsome young man sitting at the nearby table.

“I’ve been occupied with something.” He nodded with a slight smile. “Why don’t we grab a coffee since we’ve run into each other? My treat.”

Since it was unusual for Lily to bump into him, she nodded since she had completed her tasks here. “Sure.”

“You’re…” Jenny hesitated whether or not to interrupt their conversation.

“He’s a friend of mine.” Lily smiled. “Jen, would you like to join US for coffee or go back to rest?”

Jenny thought about it and said, “I’ll go shopping since we leave soon. It’s been two days, and I have yet to shop around.”

“Okay, text me if there’s any emergency.” Lily got up.

The duo went to a café, ordered two cups of coffee and some desserts, and sat down to enjoy a rare moment of peace. Lily stirred her coffee and looked at the young man with mixed emotions.

She remembered the first time she met him. Still acting like a boy, he was blunt and had a strong character, but now the person sitting before her was no longer a youth but a man.

Like a gentleman, he meticulously put a slice of cake on a plate and placed it before her.

After some hesitation, Lily asked, ‘Where have you been before this?”

Benedict looked up at her and smiled. “Are you trying to ask me how I rose from the dead?”

Lily shook her head. “I never believed that you were dead. Although I heard about it, I always felt it wasn’t true.”

“Oh?” Benedict raised his brow and asked curiously, ‘Why is that?”

Could she have sensed that he was still alive?

“If a hermit like me could have heard about your death, I’m sure the news was so huge that everyone was talking about it. Your parents must have suffered a great deal learning

about it, but it was strange that they hadn’t held a funeral for you after so long.

“Besides, there had been no concrete proof. No one found a body, no video evidence, and no stories about how it happened. The news was so simple that I wondered if it was meant to hide something.”

lf Benedict had hopes that Lily had been sad over his death, he no longer did now. She was too cool-headed for that.


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