Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 900

Chapter 900

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“I used one of the pieces as an ingredient to make the essential oil, and the perfumes based on it became very popular.” Lily could not help but be proud of her creations.

After some thought, Benedict asked, “Are you talking about the Four Seasons-themed series?”

“You know about them?” Lily was surprised that he had heard about the perfumes.

“Of course” He nodded with a smile. “I smelled the scent when I was with a team of models from Bryxton. I thought its scent was familiar, but I didn’t expect that it had something to do with those pieces of wood.”

‘That’s why I should thank you,” Lily chuckled, “Not just that. I’ve tried cultivating a few other pieces back at my farm, and they have begun germinating. Their shoots have an even more unique scent, and I’m thinking of observing them further.”

‘You have a cultivation farm too!” Seeing her spirited look, Benedict could not help but chuckle along.

‘Yes, I’ll bring you to visit it one day!”

Lily remembered that he was still a “deceased” person and paused to look at him. “When will you be able to return to your family?”

“Soon. I should be going back shortly. We can meet again when I do.”

“Okay, that’s great!” Lily nodded, feeling conflicted. “I truly hope all the trouble will go away soon.”

‘They will,” Benedict said without hesitation.

After all, storms always passed, and the sun would shine again to create rainbows.

Benedict got up to say goodbye and remembered something. “Oh, yeah, perhaps we can collaborate one day.”

“What?” Lily was confused.

‘You’ll know when the time comes. I think you’ll be interested.” Benedict smiled when he noticed Lily’s puzzled expression, mischievously leaning over. “Say hi to Mr. Russell for me.”

Lily was perplexed. Before she could ask him anything, he had already walked far.

“Why did he say that out of the blue? Is he close with Alex?’

Meanwhile, Nathaniel had been busy with a big project. He was trying to speed up the restructuring of the top management and obtain an amount of investment.

He needed Derrick’s shares to gain control of the company, but as the man refused, he had to resort to another way. Nathaniel smiled as he smugly looked at the document in his hand.

It was not something he had not done before, but he did not think he needed to use it. Now he had to resort to this method as the time had become critical. Since no one could tell it was a forged document, nobody would check its authenticity once the shares got transferred and Nathaniel became the chairman of the board of directors.

With this document and the personal and company seals he took from Derrick, everything was ready, and he could soon enjoy the fruits of his labor.


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