Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 901

Chapter 901

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Just as Nathaniel happily prepared to go to the meeting, his assistant hurried in, flustered. “Mr. Hall, bad news!”

Thinking that she had jinxed him, Nathaniel grew stern. “What bad news? How could there be bad news with me around?”

As the assistant ran over, she tried to catch her breath as she sputtered, “N- No, sir, it’s Mr. Tanner…he…”

Nathaniel frowned. “Which Mr. Tanner are you talking about?”

‘It doesn’t matter if there are too many Tanners here because I’ll get rid of them in a moment, and the company will soon have nothing to do with them.’

“Mr. Tanner, the general manager!” She stomped her foot and gritted her teeth. “Joseph Tanner.”

Nathaniel was unperturbed. ‘What could that old fool do?’

He picked up his coffee cup from the desk and took a sip, saying slowly, “Oh, him! Didn’t I tell you he’s going to step down soon, and there’s no need to bother about him? What’s the matter?”

“He… jumped off a building to kill himself!”

Nathaniel did not go to the hospital, as the cops came for him.

He had not expected Joseph to resort to this to attract the police’s attention. He thought Joseph could not create trouble if he installed a tracking device on his phone to tail Joseph. Yet, he jumped off the building.

Nathaniel thought he had everything under his control but underestimated the man.

As it was not his intention to kill himself, Joseph did not die. He only used this to lure the police so Damian could go to them without hindrance.

However, there were always risks in jumping off a building, no matter how one did it, and it was impossible not to get hurt.

Despite Joseph’s careful planning, he hurt his lumbar spine and had to be wheelchair-bound for the rest of his life.

As Joseph prepared to jump, he was scared, but thinking that he could lose Tanner Corporation and everything he had, he gritted his teeth and did it anyway with his eyes closed. The good thing was the police came.

However, Nathaniel denied everything.

Damian had no concrete proof of his getting kidnapped by Nathaniel. Not only did he have no witnesses and evidence, but he also could not tell where Nathaniel held him.

Damian’s story about himself getting kidnapped until he was released was one-sided and could easily be seen as slander. Furthermore, assisted by his team of lawyers, the police could hardly convict Nathaniel.

Nathaniel felt somewhat pleased with himself in this aspect.

He remembered how others slandered and harassed him, but now he could just sit where he was and let the lawyers handle everything. ‘That’s why it’s good to be rich. As long as we’re rich, we can solve anything.’

Thinking he had spent too much time in the police station and that it was time to leave, Nathaniel smiled. “Officer, can I go now? I hope you guys can conduct a thorough investigation over such slander and defamation.”


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