Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 902

Chapter 902

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Nathaniel saw Damian sitting there when he left the interrogation room. Damian bolted to his feet. “You swindled my family’s properties and made a fool out of me, you f*ckerl”

“Let me give you a piece of advice, you little pr*ck. Think twice before you spout nonsense. How did I make a fool of you? If I remember correctly, you were the one who reported your sister to the police.

“Tsk, tsk, people like you would even stoop to press charges against your own kin, and now you’re targeting me with your slander! Please put this man under a thorough investigation, officers. Something might seriously be wrong with him!”

Nathaniel was so pleased with himself that he could hardly hide his excitement.

Although Joseph’s suicide attempt had slightly disrupted his plans, he did not mind it so much. ‘Even if he had jumped off a building and become paralyzed from the waist down, he still wouldn’t be able to convict me. I had everything taken care of long ago, and I wouldn’t have gotten what I wanted so easily if I didn’t think my plans through.’

Damian was so angry that he lunged over to attack Nathaniel, but since they were at the police station, he immediately got held back.

Nathaniel became even bolder. “Look at him! This man is so prone to violence that he wants to hurt me. I seriously suspect his kidnapping and swindling are nothing but his imagination. Please look into whether he has a mental problem, okay? We can’t let these people out in public to cause trouble!”

“F*cking drop dead, Nate!” Damian shouted in rage. He felt angry that someone he had never taken seriously would seize everything he had wanted and was mocking him in such a smug manner. Worse, the outsider had played his whole family.

“Tsk, tsk, there’s no need to be so mean with your words.” Nathaniel took two steps away and looked over his shoulder as if having remembered something. “Oh, I forgot that your Uncle Derrick has signed the share transfer agreement.

“Once I’ve processed everything, I will rename Tanner Corporation to Hall Corporation, and it’ll no longer have anything to do with you or your family, you little pr*ck.”

“Why you! Ahh!”

Suddenly, a booming voice echoed, “Who says Tanner Corporation will change its name?”

Nathaniel was stunned and looked over in the voice’s direction.

Derrick strode in at the door wearing a dark gray men’s haute couture suit with his hair combed meticulously. He looked spirited, no longer like a dying man.

“You…” Nathaniel looked at him with widened eyes in disbelief and wondered if he was hallucinating.

‘That’s impossible! My men were guarding him. How did he manage to show up here?! Besides, he looks outstanding. How is this possible?’

“Why? Aren’t you happy to see me? Didn’t you say I’ve transferred the shares to you and that we’ll complete the process? You should be thrilled to see me, shouldn’t you?”

Derrick looked at Nathaniel with a cold smile.

Speechless, Nathaniel gulped and vaguely felt something terrible would happen soon. However, he knew he had to keep up his pretense no matter what.

He squeezed out a smile. “Yes, of course! I thought you weren’t feeling well and needed to rest, but since you’re here, it’s best to get it done together. Oh, yes, how’s your wife? I heard she hasn’t been in good shape. Why don’t you hurry back to keep her company after we’re done? You can leave everything to me.”

It sounded like he was showing his concern, but the truth was that he was threatening Derrick with his wife’s safety.

Nathaniel could not be sure if the husband and wife had escaped together or if it was only Derrick. As he had received no calls from his men, he felt uneasy not knowing about the situation.


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