Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 904

Chapter 904

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“Let’s welcome our new chairman!” The door opened, and Benedict entered.

Many gasped since they all had heard that he had died. Not only was Benedict still alive, but he also showed up as the new chairman of Tanner Corporation. The quick-witted ones caught quickly realized that Derrick had planned much of what had happened for this very day.

Like a loving father, Derrick had gotten rid of all the obstacles so Benedict could safely replace him. Soon, everyone clapped to welcome him, knowing that they should at least show support for the new chairman.

Benedict walked over and said solemnly, “It’s not the first time I’ve been here, and it’s not the first time I’ve joined the meeting either. However, this is my first time standing here as your chairman. From now on, I’ll be working hard with you all to make Tanner Corporation even greater.”

“I believe Benedict needs no introduction, as you all know him. Let’s move on to the second agenda. Our company is going to launch a new project which could potentially contribute to the bulk of our profits in the future. Since Benedict is the person in charge, let’s hear it from him.”

Benedict sat beside his father, removed a document from a folder, and handed a flash drive to the meeting secretary, who then connected it to a computer and brought up the presentation via projection.

Everyone was stunned to see the projected words on the big screen.” Wooden sculpture?”

‘This is something the company has never done before. Why should we do this? Besides, is it even profitable?’

“Yes, wooden sculpture.” Nodding, Benedict responded, “I know you guys must have doubts over this project, seeing that it’s something the company has never done before.”

After a pause, he continued, “Well, technically, we have done it. We’ve done it under wraps as the project was still developing and meant to be a preliminary trial.

“Over the last few months, I’ve gone to Middle Valley and some tropical areas to look for suitable wood materials and secure their suppliers. I’ve also researched the market. Since not many have paid attention to it, there are few competitors, and the market potential is significant.

“As artworks, wooden sculptures can obtain a very high collection value, and many enthusiasts offer sky-high prices. Besides selecting sculptors, I’ve also… Well, not long ago, I got an order with a profit that could last US for at least three years!”

Benedict pulled up all types of data analyses he had prepared so everyone could get his points straight away. Those who initially doubted the project now thought differently and became very interested.

“Not bad at all. Some of our projects are doing okay, but they are part of the sunset industries, and we must prepare ahead. Benny is right to have such foresight. I think the project is doable.”

“Shouldn’t you address him as Mr. Tanner now?”

“Y-Yes, Mr. Tanner! Under Mr. Tanner’s leadership, I’m sure Tanner Corporation would have a great future.”

“Way to go, Mr. Tanner! We’re all behind the new project!”

Benedict relaxed a bit. After all, it was the first time he had taken charge of a project alone, and he felt slightly nervous. He exchanged a look with his father and revealed a slight smile.


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