Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 906

Chapter 906

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Joseph thought about how Arianna had threatened his livelihood, ‘What kind of daughter would dare treat her father that way?’

Derrick shook his head and said earnestly, “Then, why did she do this? Have you ever thought about why she has such great ambitions? Also, have you seen what she has done for the company over the past few years? Isn’t Ari being a bit too greedy with her ambitions? I’ve already given her so much. I even told her that once Damian inherited the company, she would be the first lady with power over Tanner Corporation. Yet, she’s still unsatisfied.”

Derrick laughed when he heard that, “Look at you. You still don’t understand what’s happening, even now. Since you feel you’ve given her so much, why are you letting your illegitimate son inherit the company? Why haven’t you considered maybe Ari could also lead Tanner Corporation to success?

“I know there were troubles at the company over the past few days, and I’ve been in the hospital. I didn’t bother stepping in because I wanted to see how you guys could handle it

“Look, it’s obvious that your son isn’t as capable as Ari. Not only was Damian’s project a mess, but he also involved several perfumers, allowing himself to fall into all sorts of traps. Have you ever considered what would happen if we handed the company to him?”

What Derrick said had crossed Joseph’s mind, but he deliberately ignored it. Joseph felt he had no choice because Damian was his only son. He also did not know to who else he could entrust the company.

“Well, Damian is just inexperienced. I believe he’ll grow and learn from what has happened. Just give him a chance, Derrick! He’s still so young, and with his criminal record, I’m afraid it’ll be hard for him to find a job elsewhere. Let him work with Tanner Corporation and learn along the way. I’m sure he will do well!’

“Oh, my dear brother, why are you still focused on Damian?” Derrick sighed, standing up to pour himself a glass of water. “I know you’ve always favored sons over daughters, but I didn’t expect you to be so heavily biased. What about Ari? You keep saying Damian can learn, but why wont you give Ari a chance?”

“She’s a girl. She’ll marry into another family sooner or later,” Joseph muttered.

“What century are you living in to have this mindset still?! You, as her father, bear the most responsibility for what Ari is today!”

Derrick did not hold back on his words as he sipped on water.

However, Joseph was still unconvinced. “Derrick, why are you targeting me? The only reason you’re saying this is because you’re on top. Aren’t you the same? Haven’t you given everything to your son?”

“This is where you’re wrong!” Derrick turned and shot Joseph a piercing look. He continued, “I gave it to Benedict because I know he can bear this burden. I will never force it on him if he’s incapable.

“It is part of my plan to step back and give you guys a chance, but look at what happened! The company is in shambles, our people are fighting each other, and people feel pressured to choose sides.

“How many times has the company been on the news? How much has the company’s stock dropped? Did you even think about any of this? You thought Benny was dead just because he hadn’t been around, and what did you do next?

“He’s your nephew at the end of the day. Did you ever send anyone to look for him? Instead, Ari rushed to the hospital to tell me about his ‘death.’ Were you trying to kill me sooner?

‘When you guys were fighting among yourselves, Benedict traveled to different places to discuss future businesses and projects, bringing in huge profits for the company. Why wouldn’t I hand the company over to him?

“Joseph, you never changed, even after so many years. Since we’re talking about our sons and your daughter, I’d never change what I did even if Benny were born a girl because he is capable.

“Can you care about so many things after a hundred years? Aren’t we supposed to be parents to our children? Think about all these years. Do you even deserve Eloise or Elizabeth? Do you even deserve your two children? Look at the absurd things you’ve done!”

Derrick initially did not plan to reprimand Joseph like this, but it seemed Joseph still had not learned a thing.


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