Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 909

Chapter 909

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Eloise’s recent experiences and her son and daughter’s imprisonment were like a hail strike on her. The ploy she had spent half her life planning-how the Tanner family’s properties would end up in her children’s laps-came crashing down.

She was now alone, and nothing interested her anymore. She had fought and stepped on eggshells for years, yet, what was it all for?

Nathaniel turned out to be a monster she almost could not recognize, plotting against his sister. As for Arianna, Eloise did not have the heart to see her again. She had failed as a mother and as a wife.

Joseph cared for Elizabeth all year round and even raised a son with her. He even brought his illegitimate son home to try and inherit the family business. Eloise had nothing else apart from having the title of being his wife.

All her hopes and efforts came to nothing. It was all futile.

“No matter how selfish you were, you’ve still taken care of Stephanie all these years. The Tanner family is also yours. Even…” Derrick trailed off and glanced at Joseph, who had a gloomy expression, and continued, “Even if you’re no longer married to Joseph, you’ll always be a part of this family.”

“Thank you, Derrick!” Eloise immediately burst into tears of gratitude.

Derrick cast a deep look at Joseph before sighing.

Lily was currently riding the waves of success as everything went smoothly. The collaboration was enjoyable, and the positive response she received after officially announcing her association with Grandeur was overwhelming.

Besides that, she had also received the investigation results into the Perfumers’ Society. Sources confirmed that Lawrence Adler had lost his sense of smell long ago. As soon as the news spread, other industries were shocked, not to mention the perfume industry.

How could he, as a perfumer and the president of the Perfumers’ Society, not be able to smell? What rights did he have to judge competitions, then?

At this moment, the contestants he had judged began to protest. They posted all sorts of statements, and Lawrence fell from his high horse overnight. It was truly embarrassing for him.

This was human nature. People would worship anyone superior, but after getting a glimpse of the human side of the person they looked up to, they would turn against them.

Anger would cloud their judgment, thinking their idol had deceived them, and their retaliation would be relentless.

Meanwhile, things had not been going well for Noah either. He had gotten dismissed because of his relationship with Lawrence. There seemed to be a significant change within the Perfumers’ Society, and it was hard to tell if everything could return to normal again.

Firstly, Lawrence’s deceitful behavior caused dissatisfaction among the public. Secondly, there was an issue with the perfumers’ license. Moreover. Lily’s collaboration with a big, international brand was simply a slap in the face.

As mentioned before, there was no such thing in this world, and the license was unnecessary. The so-called practicing qualification certificates and licenses were simply a threshold that the Perfumers’ Society had created. Therefore. most wondered if these things held any value.


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