Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 910

Chapter 910

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Lily’s name was constantly being looked up, even more so than during the time of her previous lawsuit with Nathaniel. The fact that her name was being connected to him once more annoyed her.

Even so, it was not anything extreme. People were just comparing the past with the present and expressing how they felt about it. Lily was initially branded a plagiarist and a liar and accused of stealing other people’s work. All of her accusers now appeared to have received a slap in the face.

Nathaniel, on the other hand, went from being the president of MN Inc. to being shunned by the general populace. He was rumored to take over as chairman of the Tanner Corporation, but instead he wound up in jail. It was definitely worthwhile to remember these momentous events.

It was absurd to think that this was all actually happening, and even TV shows were less dramatic than reality. Their entire relationship was on display for the world to see, and now Lily had her devoted followers.

On account of this, searches for “Lily and Nathaniel,” “Lily and Lawrence,” and “Lily and the Perfumers’ Society” were all extremely popular. Her name alone accounted for more than half of the most popular searches.

Lily had to stay inside and turn off her phone so she could avoid all the heat in peace. The netizens were going wild on the Internet, and someone even suggested that she take over the Perfumers’ Society. After all, she was the one who aired the industry’s dirty laundry and shifted public opinion.

Lily had now become a legendary figure in this industry. The more one read about her, the more mythical she became.

Lily felt helpless. She had never wanted to be the center of attention, whether for good or bad reasons. It all started because she did not want to let a piece of paper prove her worth. She would not have gone to such lengths if the Perfumers’ Society had not singled her out for harassment, threatened to sue her, and forced her out of the industry.

However, she had no regrets. It was to be expected that Lawrence’s sense of smell would decline with age. On top of the external factors that could have impacted his sensitivity, it was common for perfumers to overuse their noses.

He should have stepped away like a responsible man would in order to protect his good reputation. Instead, he stayed on top and did not care about the young perfumers whose lives he could have ruined with his decisions.

Could it be that power and money really blinded him?

It was rumored that Lawrence hardly ever left the house anymore. The criticism he faced in public was severe and he might not be able to handle much stimulation at his age.

The impact of it might be disastrous. Since Lily had not seen Lawrence, so she did not know his current situation. If they ever crossed paths again, she would ask him whether he thought it was all worth it.

“I’m sorry, but Ms. Christian is currently occupied and isn’t able to answer your call. If you are interested in doing business with US, please leave a message. Thank you.” All the business calls were being redirected to Olivia, and she was just repeating canned responses.

Helplessly, she sipped some honey water to soothe her throat. “All these calls are drying out my throat! Wouldn’t I die of exhaustion if you really became president of the society?” Olivia whined.

Lily smiled and said, “No, because I won’t be the president of any society!”

“With the Perfumers’ Society’s current state, you’re the only one who can appear in front of the public and rekindle their confidence in it. If you don’t, the society might have to be dissolved.”


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