Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 912

Chapter 912

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“Send her away!” He said it bluntly.

Lily was shocked.

Although she had her suspicions that Alexander did not know about this, she did not expect that he would want to kick her out just like that.

“About that…”

“Since she hasn’t seen you, just send her away. You don’t have to meet her.”

“It’s just that the maid said she brought a lot of things with her. Maybe she came to congratulate us.”

She wasn’t expecting him to treat his aunt with such hostility.

“Congratulate us? Please, she’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing!” Alexander snorted.

“Don’t worry about it. Just get one of the maids to tell them you’re sick and that you’ve fallen asleep. Get her to come back another day.”

“Oh, okay then.”

He must have his reasons for saying such a thing, so Lily nodded.

” Then, I’ll do just that.”


Upon ending the call, Lily instructed the maid to send Celine away, citing that she was sick and had just taken her medicine.

Although the maid did not understand the reason behind doing so, she still carried out the order.

Olivia, who had been observing, was even more confused.

“Is that really his aunt? How could he ask you to send her away just like that?!”

Lily realized that, despite knowing Alexander for so long, she had never really met any of his family.

She would have assumed he was the only member of his family if she had not known that the Russells were actually a large family.

“I’m not sure. All I know is that he doesn’t have a good relationship with the rest of his family members.” Lily shrugged.

She didn’t give it much thought as long as she had done what Alexander told her to.

It might be a good thing that he was not involved in any complicated familial relations.

After all, the turmoil Lily had experienced with the Lodge family was more than enough.

“Tsk, the world of the rich and powerful is really complex!”

Seeing that it was no big deal, Olivia went back to eating her fruit plate happily.

“However, I think this is a good thing. That way, you don’t have to worry about your in-laws. Those people are the hardest to please.”

“You don’t have to worry either,” Lily said, looking at Olivia.


Oliva was confused.

“Edward is an orphan.Other than Alexander, the only people around him are his colleagues. You don’t have to worry about your in-laws as well.”

Lily giggled as she watched Olivia’s face turn red before dodging the pillow that was flying in her direction.

“I hate you! You’re bullying me again!”

“I’m not! I’m just telling the truth!”

The two were both in fits of laughter when a maid came in again.


“What’s the matter?”

Lily straightened up.

“Is she gone?”

The maid shook her head.

“No, she’s still waiting outside.She said that she’d just wait for you to wake up and that she was not in a rush. She said she has all the time in the world!”

Lily was speechless.

It seemed like there was truly another motive behind Celine’s visit! She was already threatening Lily before she even entered the door —she would not leave if Lily did not come out and meet her.

“Gosh, right after I said that you wouldn’t have to deal with troublesome in-laws, this aunt of his came to prove me wrong.”

Most people would have left once they heard it was a bad time to visit.

However, Celine had decided to wait by the gate.

What could be so important for her to waste Lily’s time like this? She even claimed to have all the time in the world to wait!


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