Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 913

Chapter 913

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Lily thought about it for a moment before deciding to call Alexander again.

“Your aunt is refusing to leave unless she meets one of us.”

Not that she liked to complain or because she was afraid to meet his family and possibly get involved in his family business, but she knew Alexander must have a good reason for keeping her away from his aunt.

She also noticed how he would get all secretive whenever his family was mentioned.

There must be something that he was hiding.

Alexander stayed silent for a while, frowning.

Then he said, “Just pretend that you have no idea that she’s there.Let her wait if she wants to.She has nothing better to do anyway!”

“Alright, I got it.”

Lily picked up on the unhappiness in his voice and added, “You don’t have to worry about me.Olivia is here, so I’m fine.You can work peacefully.I’m sure your aunt will leave after she gets bored.”

Alexander hummed in response.This made Lily laugh.

“Tsk, behave!”

Gasps were heard from both sides of the phone.

Alexander did not expect Lily to tease him like this and immediately had the urge to fly back.

Meanwhile, Olivia almost turned green as she watched the young couple flirt on the phone.

“Wait for me!”

He growled before hanging up the phone.

However, it was obvious that his mood had shifted for the better.

“Wow, you’re amazing! Why don’t I remember you being this good?”

Olivia exclaimed emotionally.

In the past, all Lily had ever known was her work In fact, even when she was with Nathaniel, she had never been so flirty.

Thinking about it now, she used to think that Lily was just an indifferent person.

Who would have thought that it was just because she had yet to meet the right person? Now, she could casually flirt with Alexander and openly show her affection.

Maybe this was what it felt like to find the right person.

Outside, Celine was sitting in the car as she waited outside the gate.

Getting the gates open today proved to be more difficult than she had expected.

Even if it didn’t, Alexander was bound to come home.

When he did, he would have no choice but to let her in.

Therefore, Celine had decided that she would wait outside here patiently for him.

However, not even a moment later, she felt impatience bubbling in her.

“How rude of this woman.How dare she let an elder wait outside the door like this? Did she expect me to believe her sick and asleep excuse? That woman is cocky before even marrying into the family.God knows what would happen when she’s really Alexander’s wife!’ Alexander was not free from her criticism as well.For him to get married in private without even telling his mother showed that he did not respect the elders as much as he should.If this continued, how could he be allowed to live with the Russell family?


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