Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 941

Chapter 941

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Ever since Lily was pregnant, Alexander had hired people to make sure that Lily was well taken care of.He had instructed his employees to lock the door to the lab to prevent Lily from entering.

Alexander had even asked Olivia to keep an eye on her, and if Lily tried to charm her way into the lab, Olivia should call him.

Otherwise, he would make sure she was fired.

For the sake of her well-paid and comfortable job, Olivia was strict toward Lily.She would not even allow Lily to see her current workplace.Her actions rendered Lily speechless.

“You know I have nothing to do, right? I promise I won’t touch anything. Just let me watch!”

“I can’t.Mr.Russell has already instructed me that you need to rest.Besides, there are so many chemicals in the lab that they’ll only affect your baby negatively.Please, just go home and rest,” Olivia advised.

Seeing Olivia standing in her way, Lily tried to threaten her, “You do know who’s the one paying your salary, right?”

Olivia almost replied, “Mr.Russell!” but when she saw Lily’s expression, she quickly changed what she was about to say.

“It’s you, but I agree with what Mr.Russell had said, so I’m listening to him.”

“Olivia Hart!”

Lily called her name threateningly.

“You’re still not allowed to touch anything in the lab,”

Olivia insisted.

“If you continue this, I’m going to get mad, and then I might even end our friendship. Do you really want that to happen?”

Lily acted as if she was angry and turned around, preparing to leave.

“If I leave now, don’t expect me to answer your calls or texts.I’ll ignore you!”

This threat was working because Olivia was faltering.

Olivia was worried that Lily would start ignoring her.

Her gaze on Lily faltered, and Lily noticed it too.

Lily pretended that she was about to stomp away in anger when Olivia immediately stopped her.

She tugged on her arm lightly and said, “Wait, don’t go.I’ll let you in!”

Lily’s face lit up in delight.

“Still, you’ll have to promise me that you won’t touch anything! You’re only allowed to watch, or else I’ll call Mr.Russell immediately so he can come over to apprehend you in person!”

Olivia stated.

This was the last time she would give in.

“What do you mean by apprehending me?” Lily asked in annoyance.

However, as she looked at Olivia’s determined face, she sighed in defeat, “Fine.I won’t touch anything.I wonder, am I still your boss, or are you mine now? Also whose workplace is this?”

“It’s not like I’m trying to replace you.It’s just that Mr.Russell has “

“I know, I know, now can we stop talking about him? Just hearing his name is giving me a headache,”

Lily waved her hand dismissively.She started to walk into her lab.

It was just like the first time she came into her lab, and everything looked so familiar and nostalgic.

Lily could not help herself as she extended her hand, wanting to touch her tools.

“Stop right there!”

Olivia’s voice came from behind her.

Lily was taken aback by surprise, so her hand froze midair.

“I’ve already told you that you’re not supposed to touch them.If you don’t listen, …”

“you’ll call Alex to come to catch me!”

Lily interrupted her while shaking her head.

She sat down on a chair close by.

“Olivia, when did you become Alex’s loyal subordinate? What did he promise you? I’ll give you twice as much!”

Lily was surprised when Olivia was really mad at her comment.

“who do you take me for? Am I someone who’d sell my friend out for the right price? I promised Mr.Russell to do this because I agree with his position.Being pregnant is a huge thing.You need to take good care of your body.We never know if an accident might happen in the lab or not.How could you think I would do this just because of the money…”

Olivia’s voice was trembling as she was overwhelmed with emotions.

Noticing that something was not right, Lily immediately comforted her, “I’m sorry.It’s all my fault.I didn’t mean what I said.Please don’t be mad at me.”


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