Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 942

Chapter 942

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“You were wrong!”

Olivia threw a glare at her and snapped.

“Yes, yes.It’s all my fault.Now can you please forgive me, your majesty?”

Lily comforted her by dragging her to the chair.

“You’re the royalty!”

Olivia immediately stood up and gave up her seat to Lily.

“No, that’s not right either.The baby in your tummy is the real royalty!”

Lily was still taken aback by surprise when Olivia gently nudged her to sit on the chair and placed her ear over Lily’s tummy.

Lily sat stiffly and asked, “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to hear if His Majesty is awake,” Olivia replied seriously.

“Please! The baby’s only two months old.How could it even move when it has no hands or legs? It’s still a fetus!” Lily explained in bewilderment.

“Nonsense! It’s getting bigger, and although it’s not fully grown, I can hear its heartbeat.I’m serious!”

Olivia was so serious that it made Lily laugh.

After leaning against Lily’s tummy for a while, she finally moved away from Lily with her eyes glimmering.

“So, did you manage to hear the baby?” Lily asked jokingly.

“Of course I did.It was magical!”

Olivia nodded.

Lily could only smile in silence.She said jokingly, “If you love kids so much, why don’t you have one with Edward?”

“Stop teasing me!”

Olivia mumbled, “That piece of lumber wouldn’t understand.”

“That’s why I’m suggesting that you give him a hint.”

Lily knew very well what kind of person Edward was.

If Olivia would not take the initiative, he would never know when to take it.

“D-Don’t tell him anything!”

Olivia replied instantly, “You’re not even done planning your own wedding yet, so why worry about me?”

“There’s nothing I have to worry about regarding my own wedding.That’s why I could only worry about yours,”

Lily justified.

Alexander already had everything well-planned for their wedding ceremony.He made sure to plan everything personally, from the banquet hall to the wedding ceremony souvenirs for the guests.

Lily did not know that Alexander was such a meticulous guy until now.

At first, Lily suggested having someone else be in charge of the wedding plans since Alexander was also very busy with the company.

However, he rejected her proposal, claiming that marriage is an important event in one’s life.He wanted to make sure to give her a wedding of a lifetime.

For this, Lily was very grateful.

“By the way, during your ceremony, will anyone from the Russell family attend?”

Olivia asked, as she recalled seeing Alexander’s aunt at the couple’s place the other day.She was a force to be reckoned with.

“Probably not.”

Lily talked with Alexander, and she got to know some of his family background.

Even though he did not tell her in detail, she could guess that it had to do with a family feud.

Since they were such a prestigious and huge family, internal conflicts were unavoidable.

Some families ’ feuds were worse, and there might even be a murder involved.

Lily could not help but feel sorry for Alexander.

Although her time with the Lodge family was not always filled with rainbows and sunshine, her grandfather ensured she was protected from all kinds of ill intentions.

Aside from the incident with Henry, most of her childhood was peaceful.

“Then, how about your family? Would they be attending?” Olivia asked.

“I’ve already sent them invitation cards, but I’m not sure if they can attend.”

Justin had been extremely busy since regaining his position as head of the household.

They were not even able to communicate often over the phone.

Justin was a quiet person, and it had only gotten worse recently.

Lily sighed and placed one of her palms lightly over her tummy.

She hoped that her child would be able to grow up in a happy and healthy environment.


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