Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 945

Chapter 945

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Justin was too shocked to speak and stuttered fora while before saying, “You’re saying that I’m going to be an uncle soon?”

This was huge news, and he needed time to digest it.

Lily nodded as she looked at Justin.

Even though he looked calm while sitting in his chair, he was rubbing his palms against each other.

He glanced at her, then lowered his gaze and looked again at her.

Lily could tell that he was excited about this news, and she found it funny.

His reaction toward this news was even stronger than Alexander’s, but then again, Lily was half asleep when Alexander heard the news of her pregnancy, so she could not see his reaction.

“This is good news, very good news,” he said, “So…make sure you get adequate rest, and you should let Alexander worry about the others.”

“Yeah, he has decided to do everything himself.He doesn’t want me to worry about the wedding plans or allow me to even go to my own lab,” Lily was whining to Justin.

After getting pregnant, there was nothing she could do.She was bored.

“He’s absolutely right!”

Justin took this opportunity to show Lily that he agreed with his future brother-in-law.

Lily was annoyed.

No one understood her pain and was willing to side with her, “Then, how long will you be staying in Brown City? Let me take you around.”

He waved his hands to reject her offer and said, “I’ll be leaving today.I came over because I have something to do, and besides, you’re pregnant now, so you shouldn’t be running around unnecessarily.You’re not a child anymore.You must learn to take good care of yourself and watch your diet.”

They were always left to fend for themselves from a young age, and words like these were always left unsaid.

Lily felt a tad bit sad.

“All right.You take good care of yourself too.”

She paused for a moment and added, “By the way, how’s Un…Uncle? Is he well?”

Lily hesitated for a while before deciding to address him as their uncle.

Even though he had made a grave mistake, he was still their uncle and had already paid for his mistakes.

“He’s fine and focusing on his health.It’s a good thing, and he doesn’t need to worry about those useless things,” Justin glanced at Lily, looking like he had something he wanted to tell her.

Lily waited, but he ended up not saying anything and stood up to leave, “Okay, I should leave now.

Take good care of yourself, and remember to avoid going out alone.”

“Why?” Lily asked in confusion.

“You’re not alone anymore.Furthermore, there’ll be many things happening as you’re planning to get married.The public is also focused on your gossip, so it might be dangerous for you to leave the house alone…”


Justin interrupted her before she could continue, “I know you’re confident in your kickboxing skills, but you should know that you’re not the same as you were before since you’re pregnant now.Your body has changed, so don’t force yourself, especially since you have your baby to protect,” he finished.

Although it seemed like Justin was just reminding her to be careful, Lily could tell that there was more behind what he had just said.

“Okay, I promise to take care of myself.Is there anything you want to tell me?”

She tilted her head and looked at him.Did Justin really just come to give her gifts?

“..No, don’t hesitate to call me if anything happens.You’re never alone,” he said.


After Lily sent Justin off, she knew that he had something on his mind from the way he talked and his expressions.

However, Justin had always been someone who loved to keep to himself.

If he had made up his mind not to speak about something, it did not matter how many times Lily questioned him, he would still refuse to tell her.


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