Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 947

Chapter 947

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“Yeah, it was them.” Justin nodded.

“However, they were instigated by someone else.The Light-Shadow Killers are infamous in the kickboxing circle and have done many dirty things.Recently, I found that there’s a mastermind in the dark who’s been ordering them all along.”

Alexander looked at him and pondered.

“You’re saying that Ms.Riggs is the mastermind?”

Nodding, Justin assured, “My sources should be reliable.”

“She’s capable of this?”

Alexander heard about this back then, and he could guess his uncle’s outlook on the situation.

All these years, the number of people who tried to seize power from Alexander at the Russell family’s residence had only increased.

They had pulled many tricks to do that as well.

Alexander felt that the place was too nasty and lacked the warmth a home should have, so he avoided going back there and meeting all those people unless it was absolutely necessary.

Due to his blood relationship with the Russells and his grandfather’s last words before he passed away, Alexander could not ignore the other Russells completely.

He still cared for their well-being and made sure that they could live wealthy lives without worrying about their financial situation, but that was the most he could do for them.

Knowing that Alexander would not do anything to them, they had become more aggressive in recent years, treating him as a blind man and playing all their tricks, whether in the dark or right in his face.

None of those could threaten him anyway.

However, things were different now because Alexander had Lily in his life, and they would soon have a child.

Now, he had to consider them in everything he did and ensure his protections were sufficient.

Getting hurt himself would be fine, but if they hurt the people he cared about, they would pay the price.

“Don’t underestimate her just because she’s a woman.She’s a brilliant one.I’ve never seen or met her before, but I trust that those rumors didn’t just appear out of nowhere.Also, the Riggs family had been staying low for decades but managed to get back on their feet in just a decade.That’s not something an ordinary person would be able to do.”

Justin paused before he continued, his expression solemn.

“It’ll be fine if she just minds her own business.That way, all of us can live in peace, but [ worry that’s not all she wants.I’m sure the little benefits your uncle gets are not what she’s interested in getting from this arranged marriage, isn’t it?”

With the current status and reputation of the Riggs family, Alexander would be the top choice if they wanted to plan an arranged marriage with the Russell family.She could not be in on this arranged marriage for nothing but love, could she? “T’ll find a chance to meet up with Ms.Riggs.”

Alexander pondered before adding, “Don’t worry so much.I promise you I won’t allow anyone to hurt Lily and our child, no matter what happens.I’m willing to put my life on the line for them.”

Justin’s tense expression finally relaxed a little as he nodded lightly.

“I feel more at ease now after hearing what you said.”

Then he stood up and said, “I’ll be heading back now.We’ll talk again soon.”

Ralph decided to invite Heather out again.

Although their last encounter was slightly strange, it left Ralph wanting more.

It gave him a sense of accomplishment whenever he thought of how obedient Heather was toward him when she was well-known for being serious by other people.

While he made the call, he wandered along the streets and sawa pretty bracelet outside a store.

He thought of Heather’s slender and fair wrist, believing that he had to spend some money on her for their relationship to take a step forward.

However, she did not pick up the call, even after along time.

Ralph straightened his back, his gaze averting from the store to his surroundings, and to his surprise, he caught sight of the woman he had been missing in the cafe across the street.

Heather was sitting by the window opposite a man who looked foreign to Ralph.

The two seemed to be engaged in a chat.

After recovering from his initial surprise, Ralph’s expression darkened.

‘So this is why she’s not answering my calls! She’s busy entertaining another man! She was acting all weak and obedient in front of me just a few days ago, but look at how arrogant she looks right now! What a good actress she is!’ His impression of her worsened while he strode in big steps across the street.

In the cafe, Heather was sitting with her hands crossed in front of her chest.

A cup of expresso was placed before her, and her gaze was cold as she listened to her subordinate’s report.


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