Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 951

Chapter 951

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In Eudora, there was a private manor that took up smaller than the average land size of a typical manor.

Since it was far from the city, it lacked development opportunities, so the housing price was low and the population sparse.

Only a few people here knew who the manor belonged to.

Heather’s car was arriving, and when it came to a complete stop, a maid came over and opened the door for her.

She exited the vehicle and threw the keys to the maid, who then went to park the car in the garage while Heather walked into the house.

“Ms.Riggs, welcome back,” another maid greeted her as soon as she entered the house.

She then bent over with a pair of slippers and helped Heather change into them carefully.

Another one came over to help her remove her coat and change her clothes.

Everything went smoothly, and Heather seemed to be used to this routine.She just opened her arms and let them serve her.

A moment later, she squinted her eyes and asked, “Where is she?”

“Ms.Hannah is in her room,” one of the maids answered softly.


Heather nodded in satisfaction and put her arms back to her sides.

After taking a few steps, she thought of something again and turned around.

“Wait a minute.”

She walked over and took the jewelry box from her coat pocket.

As she glanced at it, she dismissed the maid.

“You can go now.”

Then, she continued to head to the room downstairs.It was considered a semi-basement, where sunlight would shine into the room for about two hours a day.

That was the room Hannah stayed in.It was not that there were not enough rooms in this manor.

In fact, there were so many rooms that the storerooms took up a few of them.

However, Heather got Hannah to stay in the semi-basement for one reason— she did not want to see Hannah wandering around in the house.

Heather believed that she was already the perfect daughter for her parents, and she did not understand why her mother had to give birth to Hannah, who she deemed useless.

Hannah was her twin who looked the same as her, but Hannah was timid, and seeing that riled Heather up.

Fortunately, Heather found it useful to keep Hannah around now, and she did not support her living for nothing.

She pushed the door open and strode into the room.

Hannah, who heard the movement in the room, turned around quickly with a panicked face, looking just like a frightened dear.

Upon seeing the expression on Hannah’s face, Heather felt a wave of disgust again.

‘I’d never show such an expression! She’s so embarrassing!’

“H-Heather, you’re back.”

Hannah would stutter whenever she spoke to Heather.

“Yeah.” Heather frowned.

With a swift movement of her arm, something fell into Hannah’s hands.

Stunned, Hannah took a step back, slightly afraid.

When the item landed in her hand, she looked down at it.

“This is…”

Then, she opened the box slowly and saw the pearl bracelet.

Her eyes brightened instantly, and one could see how much she liked it.

Surprised, she asked, “Did you buy this for me?”

“In your dreams,”

Heather snorted and looked at Hannah mockingly.

‘Me? What in the world is she thinking? Why would she even think that I would buy anything for her?’ Initially, Heather wanted to ignore Hannah’s question, but she found the sight of her sister’s sparkling gaze at the piece of jewelry annoying.

She cleared her throat and elaborated, “The man you went on a date with a few days ago bought it.”


Hannah’s gaze flickered, slightly surprised, and her cheeks had even turned red.

That made Heather speechless because she hated seeing this look on Hannah’ face.

Her frown became even deeper as she asked, “Why are you blushing? You’re not interested in him, are you?”

To Heather, Ralph was a cringy playboy.

He had the looks that could attract girls, but she liked nothing about him, from his behavior to how he spoke and carried himself.She could not believe that Hannah blushed when she heard that he was the one who brought the bracelet.

‘She’s so dumb”


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