Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 952

Chapter 952

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‘Could it be that she likes him?’


Hannah shook her head fervently and explained in a hurry, “I… I have no feelings for him.”

“That’s better be the case! Don’t you ever forget that you’re supposed to help me, not to fall in love with him for real! Hannah Riggs, listen to me carefully.You’ll be my shadow forever, and no one will know about your existence!”

Hannah had her head hung low, nodding, while the light in her gaze diminished gradually.

“Heather, I know that I’ll be your shadow forever.I won’t compete for anything with you.”

“Compete with me?”

That phrase made Heather scoff.

“Do you think you’re qualified to do that? You’ve never been better than me in anything you did ever since we were young! How could you compete with me? Also, the man bought this stupid thing for me! I only gave it to you because I pitied you.Plus, you need to deal with him in my place.Wear this, so he doesn’t get suspicious.”

When Hannah heard the bracelet was for Heather, her face paled instantly.

This sight made Heather feel so much better.

‘Did she think that she could change anything just because we look the same and that she went outside twice to help me with my matters? She can only live in the dark forever! Be it at my parent’s house or in this manor, I’m the only Ms.Riggs.She isn’t fit to be called a Riggs, and it’s good enough that I got the maids to address her as Ms.Hannah”

“Be smart and make sure he doesn’t notice anything! If anything goes wrong in my plan because of you, you know the consequences you will face!”

Heather glared at her sister sharply.

Hannah lowered her head again and answered softly, her voice so soft that it was almost inaudible, “I-I got it…”

“Good.Have you finished the milk for today? Have you weighed yourself?”

Heather nodded at her response and continued to ask.

“I did.101 pounds.I finished the milk too.”

Her weight got Heather’s brows to lock into a frown.

“Why aren’t you gaining any weight? Where did all the food you ate go? If you keep being so skinny, do you think you’ll look like me?”

To ensure that the two of them could look as identical as possible, Hannah needed to look like Heather in all aspects, from her face, figure, weight, and whatnot, for Hannah to keep pretending to be Heather when she worked on her tasks.

Fortunately, they were similar in height, so they could just work on the sole of the shoes for this matter.

However, that could not be done to their figures.

As Heather practiced kickboxing all year round, her body was lean.

Hannah was too skinny compared to her, but she was not born for kickboxing.

She also rarely left the house and had only a little space to move around daily.

When they were still living at the Riggs family’s residence, Hannah still had the freedom to walk around and exercise, but she could not do that here.

If anyone were to see two of them at the same time, their secret would be busted.

Heather trusted her servants in this manor because they were working in the Riggs family’s residence before this and were loyal to her.

It was the outsiders that Heather was wary of.

It was time for her to move faster and speed up the progress of her arranged marriage with Ralph.

“Go and meet that man tomorrow,” Heather said after some thought.

Hannan was startled by that and shot her head up.


“What? Stop looking like you’re entering a war zone.Also, don’t hang your head low in front of him all the time! That isn’t like me at all! Ask him about his plans for the marriage arrangement tomorrow, and get him to give me a detailed agenda.Also, ask him about his wedding gift to me.I need exact answers for all that.”

“I…I’m afraid that I can’t remember what to ask him.”

“You’re so stupid!”

Heather rolled her eyes and continued after a while, “Forget it.I’ll send the questions to you tomorrow through text.You can just refer to it and ask him, can’t you?”


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