Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 955

Chapter 955

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At the mention of that, Ralph replied instantly, “I do!”

“If you do, think of how you’re going to coax Ms.Riggs!”

Margaret put her hand on his arm and sighed.

“I’ve spoilt you so much that you don’t know how to deal with girls.Girls need to be coaxed and pampered.Accusing her of such a thing had probably embarrassed her.She’s the head of the Riggs family, and you must understand that she’s going to be in contact with many men.If you can’t accept this, how will you help her manage the Riggs family?”

Margaret’s words made sense to him.

“Mom, I was wrong.I didn’t think about things in the long run, but I apologized to her then! She was still mad, though, and was so hostile toward me!”

“You silly boy! She’s the head of the Riggs family! Do you think she can forgive you so easily?”

Margaret thought seriously and continued, “How about this? Think of a way to ask her out again and buy some expensive gifts for her.Apologize to her again and make her feel happy.Everything will be all right by then.”

Ralph was puzzled.

“Is it going to work?”

‘why am I not convinced by this plan?’ “Of course! Listen to me! Girls need to be pampered and coaxed.Just listen to me!”

Although Ralph had his doubts, he had no other choice now.The thought of how hostile Heather was toward him today made him anxious.He could not understand what had gone wrong at all.

“Oh, right.You mentioned you bought a pearl bracelet for her?”


“Did she take it?”

Ralph thought about it and nodded.


“That’s a good sign! Accepting it meant she still has feelings for you.She would’ve refused it if she weren’t interested in you!”

Margaret felt more at ease upon hearing that.

“Do well, and you will still stand a chance! You must treasure this opportunity!”

While they were chatting, Ralph’s phone rang.He took it out, and the caller ID on the screen made his eyes light up.

“Mom! Heather just asked me out! We’re going out tomorrow.”


That was something Margaret had not expected.She thought it would take at least a few days for Heather’s anger to go away.

“Look.This proves that I was right, and the things I told you would work.Since that’s the case, do well tomorrow and try to make her have a better impression of you.”

“Yeah.I got it.”

Initially, he was still skeptical about Margaret’s advice, but Heather’s text managed to ease his anxiety.

‘Maybe Mom is right.Heather’s actually still interested in me, and she got mad because I accused her of something she did not do.That was why she was so cold to me earlier.

This woman is indeed a hard one to read.

Shouldn’t she be happy that I was jealous because of another man?’ On the 88th floor of a luxurious restaurant, Hannah sat by the window, her face slightly pale.She had never been to such a place before.

It was too high up for her, and she did not dare look out the window.

She was so nervous and had her hands clasped together tightly.

Her phone was in her hands, and she still remembered what Heather had told her before leaving the house.

“Remember what I told you.You don’t need to be too polite toward him and don’t be timid.You must remember that you are me! You are Heather Riggs!”

Hannah tried to encourage herself.

‘I’m Heather.I’m not Hannah.I’m Heather, not Hannah…”

Ralph did not dare to speak as well.He had been sitting opposite her for some time, afraid that he would make her angry as soon as he spoke.


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