Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 956

Chapter 956

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Hannah’s expression did not look good, and she rarely looked at Ralph.

Occasionally, she would even close her eyes, looking slightly irritated.

Ralph could not help but wonder if she was still mad at him.

‘If she’s still angry at me, why did she ask me out? If she had calmed down, why does she look like this?’ Ralph could not figure it out, but with yesterday’s incident, he did not dare to be rash.

After clearing his throat, he started, “Ms.Riggs, you can order the food you’d like.This place serves amazing desserts, which I think are worth a try.Is there anything else you’d like to try? That would be fine too.”

“No, I’m not hungry!”

Hannah exclaimed.She regretted it almost instantly after saying that.

‘That’s not how Heather is! She shouldn’t be talking like this!’ She sucked in a deep breath and looked right into his eyes this time as she said coldly, “I’ll get the Set A meal.”

She did not look thoroughly at what Set A consisted of.

However, she could not show her timidity, so she ordered something simple.

“Okay.I’ll get the same thing,”

Ralph said with a smile as he closed the menu and handed it over to the waiter.

After a moment of silence, Hannah felt overwhelmed and could not hold it in anymore.

She did not know what they should talk about, but if she said nothing and just looked at him, she would want to avoid his gaze.It was tiring for her, to say the least.

The two started at the same time before they fell back into silence again.

“Ladies first.”

Ralph smiled and said it like a gentleman.

“You go first!”

Hannah just wanted to break the silence, but since Ralph had something to say, she would just go along with whatever he had to say.

“You can go first.I’m not in a hurry,”

Ralph replied, thinking Hannah was just being respectful.

“You go first!”

Hannah frowned.She was feeling distressed and anxious at the same time.

The situation right now made her bite her lip, thinking that such a date was torture to her, especially when she could not help looking at his lips whenever she looked at his face.

Then, she would be reminded of the kiss they shared the other day, which made her heart beat wildly.

‘Why do I feel she is about to get mad again? Are all women this moody?’ Hence, Ralph had no choice but to bite the bullet.

“Okay then, I’ll go first.I want to tell you that I’m really sorry about what happened yesterday.I’d like to apologize to you sincerely, and I hope you can forgive me!”

Hannah was stunned for a moment, and in the end, she only let out a sound of confusion.


She had no idea about what went down yesterday.

Heather said nothing about it, so she was at a complete loss.

Seeing that Hannah was just looking puzzled, instead of telling him if she had forgiven him for yesterday’s incident, he thought that he was still mad.

“Ms.Riggs, I acted rashly yesterday.Even if the man was your partner for the blind date, I shouldn’t have said such a thing, as we haven’t confirmed the status of our relationship yet, let alone if he was your friend or a subordinate of yours.After we get married, you’d have the freedom to hang out with your friends too, and I have no right to interfere with your private life.I shouldn’t have reprimanded you yesterday, even if I was jealous—so jealous that it drove me crazy! I was wrong, so could you forgive me and give me another chance to treat you well?”

Hannah was rendered speechless.

After listening to all his words, Hannah understood a little about yesterday’s incident.

‘It seems that he made Heather mad yesterday, and it was because he was jealous? It’s no wonder he said such a thing.However, if Heather was mad, why did she ask him out and make me deal with him? It seems he’s important to the success of her plan”


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