Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 959

Chapter 959

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Their meal went by in a quiet and weird atmosphere.

Ralph could not figure her out and could only speculate carefully based on his observations.Her attitude toward him told him she was fine but looked unhappy, although she said she had forgiven him.

After the meal, Ralph tried to start a conversation.

“Heather, do you like the bracelet?”

“I —”

Hannah paused and gave it some thought.

“It’s fine, I guess.”

Initially, she wanted to say that she liked it, but it hit her that he bought the bracelet for Heather and not for her.

Hence, it did not matter whether she liked the bracelet or hated it.

“You don’t like it then?”

He understood the underlying meaning behind her words instantly.

‘She doesn’t like the gift, but she still wears it, which shows her feelings for me.Mom was right.I should buy her something more expensive”

“What do you like? I’ll buy it for you,”

Ralph offered proudly, and it made Hannah’s gaze brighten successfully, but the light in them slowly diminished again.

“It’s okay.”

‘So what if I like it? I don’t deserve it anyway!’

“Hey, don’t be shy with me.Although I might not be as rich as you are, I won’t be stingy when spending on my woman!”

‘Some women don’t mean the things they say.Could Heather be the same as well?’ With that thought in mind, he got up without any hesitation.

“Let’s go.Consider it as a walk after our meal.The mall is just downstairs, so shall we?”

Hannah came with a mission in mind, and hence, she nodded.


They went down together and walked around the mall side by side.It was rare for Hannah to be out here by herself, so she appreciated this chance very much.

Walking around in silence, basking under the sun, and breathing fresh air was a relaxation for Hannah.

“Heather, why are you so quiet?”

“I…don’t know what to talk about,”

Hannah lowered her head as she looked at her phone screen, which displayed Heather’s requests.

She took a quick look and swallowed her saliva before saying, “You ..When are you planning to marry me?”

Ralph staggered and almost fell from the shock.He could not believe what he had heard.

Judging from how the two got along, there seemed to be a long way until they should discuss marriage.

‘Isn’t she unsatisfied with me? Why would she bring up this topic suddenly? Is she testing me?’


He smiled.

“The sooner, the better! Still, I respect your decision.I’m fine if that’s not what you want.”

“I do want that,” Hannah replied almost instantly.

Ralph was rendered speechless.

“I mean to say, I won’t go back on my words since we have an agreement.Plus…plus…”

Hannah frowned and took another look at her phone before she licked her lips and said, “What kind of wedding gifts are you going to give me? Have you decided on the date yet? How much…shares and wealth of the Russell family do you currently own? I hope you can give me a…detailed list before our wedding.”

Since Hannah did not understand those things, she stuttered when she spoke and had to glance at her phone from time to time to get the message across.

Ralph was astonished right now.

‘Why does this feel so strange to me? Why is she asking about my private assets? What does she want to do?’

“I hope you don’t misunderstand me.I just thought we should be honest with each other before getting married to ensure a peaceful life after marriage,”

Hannah justified, her cheeks flushing after saying such words.She did not dare to look at Ralph, but he just had to stare at her.

It made her want to disappear into thin air right now.

‘God help me! Why did Heather ask me to say such things? I don’t even know what they mean!’


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