Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 960

Chapter 960

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‘In the past, Heather would ask me to pretend to be her and stayed in her office too, but I didn’t have to say much.Sometimes, I’d just put on a dark expression and it would scare those people away.Now she wanted me to pretend to be her completely out here, and I even have to deal with this man and say such strange things to him.I can’t take it anymore”

Ralph stared at Hannah with a probing gaze.

When she thought that she was going to be exposed, she heard him say, “Sure! I think what you said makes sense!”

‘Huh?’ Hannah raised her head and looked at him in surprise.

Then, he continued, “It’s right to be honest with each other in a marriage.With that being said, shouldn’t you be more honest with me too?”

He stopped there, but his intention was clear as day.

If she wanted to learn about his assets, she had to reveal hers.

However, Hannah thought of something else.She understood nothing about assets, shares, and all those business jargon, but she understood the word “honest”.

‘I’m not being honest.I’m Hannah, not Heather, but I can’t tell him this.If Heather finds out about it, I’d be dead meat”

Anxious, she bit down on her lip hard, not knowing how to answer his question.

Seeing that look of hers, Ralph’s attention shifted to something else.He felt pity for her and was starting to forget how “tough” of a woman she could be.

“Don’t do that.You’re going to hurt yourself.”

He pressed on her lower lip lightly and parted it from her teeth so she would not hurt herself.

What he did felt too intimate to Hannah, and her face immediately blushed red.Her heart started beating faster at the sight of his face getting closer to hers.

‘Is he going to kiss me again? But we’re in the mall! There are so many people around! If he kisses me, would I push him away? I probably wouldn’t… since I like it a little.

Still, there are so many people here!’ Hannah was in a dilemma.

Just when she thought their lips would touch, he raised his hand and tucked her hair behind her ear instead.

“Let’s go and get you a gift.”

She had no words.

For some reason, she was slightly disappointed.

However, this feeling of hers was gone soon after.

Ralph held her hand and led her into a jewelry store next to them.

“Since you don’t like bracelets, what about we look at necklaces? Or rings?”

Ralph could not think of a gift that was suitable and costly at the same time.

‘All women love jewelry, don’t they? Those women were happy when I bought jewelry for them back then.However, Heather was different in the sense that she did not lack money.She’s even richer than I am, so I have no idea what suits her.I might as well have her pick it out herself”

“What about a diamond ring?”

After giving it some thought, he decided to go big this time.

They needed a diamond ring for their marriage anyway, so he might as well buy it in advance.It would put him at ease as well.

“Look around and see if there’s a style you like.We’ll buy one with a bigger diamond,” Ralph said gently to her.

The sales advisor was elated upon hearing that and quickly greeted them with a smile.

“Sir and Ma’am, are the two of you looking for diamond rings?”


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