Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 962

Chapter 962

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His gaze was so fiery that it seemed to warmed her ears.

While covering her ears, she said, “Okay then.I’ll have them pierced!”

Ralph grinned, delighted to hear that.

“Heather, you’re the best!”

Hannah just stayed silent as the sales advisor brought her to a small cubicle at the side.

In that room, there was a tool that was specially used to pierce one’s ears.

In fact, the whole process was quick and did not hurt as much as Hannah thought it would, but it still stung a little.

It was hard for Ralph to believe that a woman who practiced kickboxing all year long and who was tougher than many men would be afraid of getting her ears pierced, as shown by the frown on her face.

There was an indescribable sense of satisfaction in Ralph’s heart at the sight.

Initially, he did not care about the type of earrings Hannah wanted to get, but the moment the sales advisor wanted to check out the item, he suddenly had an idea.

If he managed to convince her to get her ears pierced, it meant that she did it for him.

‘Heather, the head of the Riggs family, had her ears pierced for me.To put it simply, she bled for me.This is such a proud moment for me.In other words, I’m different to her compared to the other men because she is willing to do this for me”

That was just a random thought of his.He brought it up, and she complied with it, which assured him that she liked him.

After getting her ears pierced, the sales advisor quickly helped her put on the earrings she liked.

“This is anti-allergic, so you can wear it without any concern.

Just remember not to remove it in the next few days and allow some time for the piercing to heal first.”


Heather nodded.

Ralph paid for the bill, and they exited through the door happily.

Before that, the sales advisor even praised him, “Sir, your girlfriend is beautiful!”

“She’s my fiancée,” Ralph said proudly as he turned to look into Hannah’s eyes.

It made her cheeks turn red instantly.

She quickly lowered her head, but she could not stop herself from smiling.

‘I’m so happy.I don’t think I’ve been this happy before.He had been looking at me the whole time, and it feels like I’m his whole world.He would buy me meals and gifts, and ask me what I like in a gentle voice”

Hannah had never been treated so well by anyone in the past, and at this moment, she felt that she was finally seen after hiding in the dark for so many years.She understood that she was only here as Heather and that this was temporary.

Everything would be the same again soon after this was over.

“Heather, are you tired? Do you want to get some drinks?”

“Heather, do you want to shop for clothes? Let’s go take a look, shall we?”


Although Hannah was elated at the moment, the way Ralph addressed her affected her mood one time after another.

It constantly reminded her that she was only an imposter and that he was not calling for her at all!


Hannah turned to face him, hesitant to speak.


“Could you not call me that?” she asked softly, and it was the first time she tried to express her opinion.

“What way? You mean I can’t call your name?” Ralph was puzzled.

‘ Is she mad again?’

“No, I mean to say you can… call me Annie. Can you do that?”


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