Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 964

Chapter 964

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Hannah widened her eyes upon seeing the enlarged face in front of her.She felt scared, nervous, and ashamed the first time he kissed her, but she was feeling something else this time.

It was not the first time he kissed her now.

This time, he was gentle and cautious, sucking on her lips gently.

It was a weird feeling for her.

No one had ever done this to her in her life.

Forget about getting kissed, but no one had ever held her hand or even hugged her.

The strange yet familiar man was doing something intimate and felt weird to her, but she did not want to push him away.

Ralph just wanted to test the waters.

After all, he did not get a good experience the first time he kissed her.

Sensing that she did not resist and accepted him obediently, he became bolder and slid his tongue over.

Hannah was taken aback as she did not expect him to do this.

She kept her teeth clenched, unwilling to open up due to her fear and nervousness.

On the other hand, Ralph was a veteran of this.

He caressed her back gently to ease her nervousness with one hand while the other rubbed on the sensitive spots on her waist.

Soon, Hannah felt her body burning as if she had a fever.

She felt hot and weak and could only lean into him.

When she let her guard down, it gave him a chance to strike.

Everything that followed was out of her control.

The new and special feeling was not as bad and disgusting as she had thought.

Instead, she felt as if she was floating on the clouds, and finally got to breathe again after some time.

She gasped hard as if she would faint any second now if she did not take in enough oxygen.

Weak, she leaned against him, not realizing that his hand had already slid under her shirt and was now on her bare back.

“Does it feel good?”Ralph asked softly in her ear.She wanted nothing more than to disappear right now.

‘It’s so embarrassing!’ Undeniably, she felt good.

It was a wonderful feeling that she did not repel.

However, she could not tell him the truth because she was too shy.

Hence, she just bit her lip and stayed silent, her head nestled in his neck.

At this moment, Ralph knew that she was shy, and he found this side of her adorable, so much cuter than the stern look she had on yesterday.

His fingers fumbled the iron clasp on her back.He pulled it gently, then let it go again.


Hannah yelled softly and moved closer to him.Her cheeks felt even warmer now.

Teasing her made Ralph burst out in laughter and hug her tighter.

He could not help but say, “Heather, I want to marry you soon!”

Those words were from the bottom of his heart, but Hannah suddenly froze.

It was as if someone had splashed cold water on her, waking her up from a beautiful fantasy.

The way he called Heather’s name was like a sharp piece of ice piercing right through her heart.

She realized that all the happiness she was feeling earlier did not belong to her.

She was Hannah, not Heather.

Heather was the one who would be his bride, not her! No one would know her name in this lifetime, and she could only live by Heather’s name forever.

“What’s wrong?”

Ralph sensed that something was off again and wondered what he had done wrong.

‘Was I wrong again to say that I want to marry her soon? Judging from how she reacted to me earlier, that didn’t look like it”


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