Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 965

Chapter 965

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She broke free from his embrace and her expression darkened.

There was a hint of indifference in her gaze too.

“It’s getting late so I’ll get going now.”


Ralph was taken aback.He wanted to invite her to watch a movie together, and he had a lot of moves planned to win her over.He did not understand why she wanted to leave all of sudden.

Everything was still going perfectly well earlier.

Puzzled, he watched as she got ready to leave.

Before she could walk far, he held her hand, “Heather…”

He paused, then corrected himself, “Annie, tell me what’s wrong.I want to hear it from you.You’re passionate one moment, then cold the next.It’s driving me crazy…”

Hannah turned around and faced him, then lowered her gaze at their joined hands, hesitant to speak.

“Annie, tell me honestly about what you’re dissatisfied with me.I don’t know what to do when you’re like this.I don’t know what I should do to make you happy.”

Anxiety was written all over his face while his gaze held sincerity.

Hannah thought about it and shook her head, pulling her hand out from his as she said, “It’s not you.It’s me.”

Ralph did not get what she meant.

“It’s not your problem.I’m the one with issues.”

Her voice was soft, laced with hesitation and confusion.


She trailed off before braving herself to continue, “If you discover that I’m not me one day, would you still like me?”

Ralph blinked his eyes, still confused.He did not get what she meant again.

“What do you mean by you’re not you? What’s…going to happen to you?”

Recently, he found that she was acting weird, but he could not understand what was happening.He felt uneasy, and her words made him even more suspicious.

Hannah seemed to have abruptly returned to her senses and shook her head.

“It’s nothing.I was just asking a stupid question, so you don’t need to worry.I’ve told you that I can be weird sometimes, I hope you…don’t mind it too much.”

Then she said, “I really need to go now.Thanks for the gift.I love it.”

She raised her hand to touch her earlobes.

They still hurt a little whenever she touched them, which reminded her that everything she was experiencing now was nothing but a dream, and there will be a time when she was bound to wake up.She forced a smile on her face and turned to leave the scene quickly.

Ralph was rendered speechless as he watched her leave.

Soon, she got into the car and left, but he had doubts that were only growing by the minute.

Heather returned earlier today as she finished all her work ahead of time.

When she noticed that Hannah had not returned, she instantly became displeased.

She made a call to Hannah, but it was not answered.

That only made her fury grow.

Just as she was about to get someone to drag Hannah back, the sound of a car’s engine could be heard from outside.

It looked like she was back.

Heather walked toward the door, wanting to head outside to look but stopped in her tracks.

After some thought, she stepped back again and sat on the couch, picking up the pot slowly to pour herself a cup of tea.

Just as she picked the cup up, she heard the crisp sound of heels against the floor.

The sound stopped for a while, replaced by a click sound.

It seemed that she had sprained her ankle on her way in, making Heather frown.

‘She just can’t do anything right!’ Hannah was not used to wearing heels, but she had worn them to look as similar as possible to Heather.

Since her feet were slightly smaller than Heather’s, she would sprain her ankle every time she put Heather’s heels on.She did not know that Heather had returned and simply took off her heels, holding them in her hand and trotting a little because she wanted to return to her safe space as quickly as possible.

In this place, the best thing she could do was hide and be non-existent.

However, she did not expect to make a mistake today.

Heather was sipping on her tea, and when she looked up, she saw a figure with a bent back and something in her hand running into the house on tiptoes.


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