Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 966

Chapter 966

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Hannah did not notice Heather as she walked.

Just as the servant stepped forward and wanted to speak, Hannah waved her hand at the servant as she rushed back to her small dark basement.

“Stop right there!”

When the cold voice spoke, Hannah stopped in her tracks.She slipped and almost fell due to her rush.

Fortunately, she held onto herself, but she looked embarrassed.

Heather became mad as she looked at Hannah’s embarrassing and ridiculous self.

Although Hannah was the carbon copy of her, Heather would not do such a shameful thing.

“Heidi, you…are back.”

Hannah was flustered as she spoke with a trembling voice.She did not even dare to look up at Heather.

“Where have you gone? Looking sneakily like that!”

“No, nothing.”

Hannah whispered guiltily, “I just came back.I didn’t know you were home.I’m…going back to my room.”

She wanted to leave after finishing speaking, but Heather put the cup heavily on the table.

“Stop right there!”

Hannah froze on the spot as she stopped walking immediately.

Of course, Heather would not fail to notice Hannah’s body language.She squinted her eyes.

“Come here!”

Although Hannah was reluctant, she did not dare to disobey Heather’s order.She walked nearer but stopped after a few steps and stood there.

“Come here!”

Hannah walked two more steps and stopped.

“Do you want to die?”

Her cold voice could not trace any warmth.

Hannah trembled as she moved a few steps forward, standing three steps away from Heather, and stopped.

Heather glanced at Hannah coldly and measured her from top to bottom.

After so many years of deliberate imitation, Hannah’s height, body shape, face, and hairstyle looked the same as Heather’s.

Especially her face, that almost looked replicated.

However, someone familiar with them could tell the difference between their temperament and nature.

Heather would never let herself look so timid and cowardly.She felt even more irritable as she watched Hannah.

“What did you do today on the date with the man I asked you to go with?”

“Nothing, we didn’t do anything,”

Hannah replied carefully as she lowered her head.She then raised her eyes and glanced, seeing Heather look unhappy.She trembled and changed her answer, “I mean, we just… ate together.”

“Just ate together?”

“And…shopping, buying things.”

Speaking of this, Hannah hurriedly put the bag in her hand for Heather.

“He…bought all these.Here you go.”

Heather did not care about these things.She did not even bother to look at them.

“What else did you do?”

“Also…he wanted to take me to the movies.I didn’t go, so I came back.”

Her cheeks burned hot as she thought about that kiss.She did not dare nor want to mention it, and she didn’t want to say it, so she just went past it.

Heather felt annoyed as she listened to it.

Shopping, eating, and watching movies were all that man’s childish ways to trick little girl.

Heather did not want to waste her time if it was not for his status.

“That’s enough! How are you talking so much nonsense? I’ve told you not to carry things by yourself when you’re outside in the future.

Have you ever seen me carry things by myself?”

Idiot! How could she not understand such simple stuff?

“I understand,” Hannah said in a low voice.

“Alright, now scram!”


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