Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 967

Chapter 967

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Hannah immediately turned around to disappear from her sight as if she was reprieved.

Heather withdrew her gaze with impatience, but something seemed to shine through her eyes.She was stunned and looked over to see that Hannah had already trotted away and was about to disappear from her sight.

“Stop right there!”

Heather stood up abruptly as she snapped.

Hannah was rooted to the ground, startled, with her shoulder trembling.


However, Heather ignored her as she stood in front of Hannah, and stared at her firmly.

To be exact, Heather was staring at her ears.

Hannah subconsciously raised her hand and touched her ear as she felt guilty about being stared at…Her heart skipped a beat.

“Heidi, I-I’m sorry.I didn’t mean to do it.I’ll take it down right away…”

Hannah trembled as she was about to take off the earrings, but Heather was a step ahead and yanked them down aggressively…


Hannah screamed in pain with her bleeding ears.She trembled from the pain but did not dare to cry.

Tears rolled in her eyes as she looked at the woman standing in front of her with horror.

Heather was burning with rage as she looked at the accessories on her finger.She raised her hand to throw them out.

“Heidi, stop! That was a gift from Ralph!”

Hannah screamed, making Heather stop abruptly.

“What did you say?!”

Two pairs of similar eyes looked at each other.

One was furious, and one was panicked.

Hannah was afraid of Heather.She was so scared that she wished to hide in the cracks of the ground.

However, she did not know how she dared to face her.

“Heidi, Ralph… gifted it.He insisted.I, I had no choice…”

Her voice became smaller and smaller, but Heather became angrier as she listened.

“He gifted it?! Must you accept it when he gifts it? Don’t you know that I don’t have any piercings? He asked you to pierce your ears too?!”

After thinking of what happened today, Hannah nodded, then shook her head again.

“No, it was me…I, Heidi.I was wrong.I am sorry, I won’t wear it anymore.Don’t throw it away, please.”

Looking into Heather’s eyes, she quickly added, “He’ll be suspicious if you throw it away.”

“Do you think it will be okay if I don’t throw it away?”

Heather looked at her coldly and suddenly raised her hand.

Hannah thought Heather would hit her, so she dodged in fright, but Heather lifted her hair, revealing her smooth and clean ears.

“Let me have a look!”

“How many times have I told you that you must protect your body and make yourself look like me? Do you think it’s easy? Who asked you to get your ears pierced without my permission? Now, what do you want me to do? What to do? Ah!”

Hannah silenced as Heather roared.She stared at her earlobe in a daze.

In a trance, Hannah remembered her childhood and remembered many things.

Hannah could still comb her pigtails and paint beautiful nails in her vague memory.

It did not matter if she fell since her body was no longer her own.She needed to talk and act like her sister.

Even her hair to nails did not belong to her anymore.

She had to cut the same hairstyle as Heather.Hannah had to get the same injury in the same place if Heather was injured with a scar.


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