Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 969

Chapter 969

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Ralph was overjoyed.

He was about to agree when he realized she would gain the upper hand if he did so right away, so he deliberately said prolongedly, “I’m afraid tomorrow…”

“Why? You can’t make it tomorrow?”

“It’s not that.It’s just a little inconvenient.Tomorrow my house…”

Before he could say anything more, he heard her say, “Let’s just forget about it.”

Then, Before Ralph could suggest to change the date, Heather said, “I can find someone else.”

Ralph immediately panicked as she was about to hang up.

“Don’t worry.I’m free tomorrow.I’m free!”

“You’re free?”

“Yes, I’m free!” He said this while nodding constantly, afraid Heather would change her mind.

“Don’t force yourself.Didn’t you say it was inconvenient at home? “

The voice was indifferent.

Sweat dripped down Ralph’s forehead as he continued, “No, it’s very convenient.How could it be inconvenient? I was joking with you.Look…”

He did not know why this woman was so capricious that he could not figure out what she wanted.

Before that, she was as gentle as water and Ralph could say anything.

Instantly, she turned into a different person.Her attitude and way of speaking were different, which made him so scared! “Don’t joke with me in the future.I don’t like joking,” Heather said coldly.

“Uh…got it.”He gulped.

He was just about to ask if she had not liked it before.

Then he heard her saying, “Since this is the case, it’s settled.I’ll go to your house at noon tomorrow to finalize the marriage.”

“Yeah, good.”

Ralph could only answer, “Then do you want me to pick you up…”

Beep! The phone had already been hung up, leaving a beeping sound.

Ralph was speechless.

Before he knew it, he was already sweating profusely.

Thinking about it, he felt trembling in his heart.

He even felt like flinching, thinking about Heather’s gentleness and cute appearance during the day and the great benefits of marrying her.

This marriage had to continue even if he did not want to.

It was just that this woman might have bipolar disorder.

After hanging up the phone, Heather brushed off the creases on her trousers and sneered.

From the phone, she could hear that the man was a coward.

He was just such a useless thing.

She did not understand how Hannah fell in love with him.

Picking up the glass and taking a sip of wine, Heather pursed her lips, thinking that she was finally getting what she had been looking for for so many years, and she could not help being a little excited.

She rubbed her fingers lightly.

Heather had been looking for the whereabouts of that secret kickboxing handbook since she took over the Riggs family.

Although they said the secret handbook was just a legend, she firmly believed it must exist.

The ancient family was once glorious.

However, they gradually declined, some became reclusive, and some withdrew.

Only the Riggs family hid on an island and did not give up.

After so many years, she finally found the secret handbook’s whereabouts.

She also took many lives looking for it, but so what? She could revive the entire ancient kickboxing era and give it a place in the world if she could find it.

She took another sip of the wine as her lips curled up.

Two figures suddenly appeared in front of Heather, but she wasn’t at all surprised because she seemed to know it already.She just raised her eyebrows.

“Have your injuries healed yet?”

“Master! We realize our mistakes!”

The two of them kneeled together.


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