Spoiled by Mr. Russell by Luminous Night Chapter 970

Chapter 970

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“Oh, you realized?”

Heather snorted and did not even bother to glance at them.She stared at the wine in her glass.

“You failed to take down a declining Lodge family and even returned injured.If you know your mistake, you should pay it with your life.”

Shivers ran through their veins.

“We beg you! Please spare our lives!”


She put down her glass of wine heavily.

“If I want to punish you, you will not live today! Your lives are still useful for me to complete some tasks!”She then commanded, “Get up!”

After carefully looking at her to ensure it was not irony, the two stood up.

Who would have thought that the famous and intimidating Light- Shadow Killers would be so humble in front of a woman?

“I have a task for you.You’ll sneak into the Russell family mansion and find something for me tonight,” she said unhurriedly.

“Master, I thought it wasn’t there?”

One of them could not help asking.

“Just listen to my order.Do I need you to remind me whether it is there?”

Heather said coldly, “Do not disturb anyone.Make sure to be back by dawn!”


The two followed the order and blended into the night.

“Guest list?”

Alexander looked at the paper in front of him as he wiped his wet hair and raised his eyebrows.

“Didn’t I tell you it is up to you to decide?”

“I showed it to you before, but I made some changes, so I want you to see it again.”

Lily tilted her head and spoke.

“No need.If you are fine with it, I’m fine too!”

Tossing away the wet towel, he sat behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist, and felt her softness.

Unsure if it was because of her pregnancy, he felt she was gentler.

The soft fragrance from her body made him bury his head in the back of her neck and sniff deeply.

“Stop it!”

Lily pushed him lightly as she felt ticklish.She pulled back her neck and laughed.

“I’m serious.After all, we are tight with time.I will finalize this list and won’t make any changes afterward.”

“Then you can tell me.Who do you wish to add or remove.”

He closed his eyes and not wanting to open them.He did not want to move at all.

“From my side, only Lisa could not make it, so there aren’t many changes.From your side…”

After pondering for a while, Lily looked into his eyes.

“Are you sure you don’t want to reserve some seats for your grandmother and the others?”

When she turned her face, she could only see the outline of his face, with long eyelashes drooping down.

Looking at the faint black shadow under his eyelids, he must have been quite tired recently.

Alexander closed his eyes and was silent for a few seconds.

His thin lips moved, “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Without waiting for her to speak again, he finally opened his eyes.

“Do you want to invite them?”

“You want the truth?” She asked seriously.

Alexander nodded.

“To be honest, I don’t care.After all, they are your family and relatives.Even if I am not a stranger to them, I don’t have many feelings for them.With their attitude toward me a few days ago, it would be nice if they would not be present.It’s just that…”

After a pause, she said, Won’t you feel a little regret?”

After all, there would be no family members of Alexander at the wedding banquet if they did not invite them! When the news spread, the Russell family’s act would ruin everyone’s reputation.


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