The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1114

Chapter 1114
Wearing a grim expression, James said, “From what Yaroslav told me, I can now be sure that it was Grandpa who leaked the information.

Not only that, my Grandpa even instructed Yaroslav to cooperate with me in order to survive.” “Oh, is that so?” Maxine asked, “What did Thomas say to Yaroslav?” James narrated Yaroslav’s words.

Hearing this, Maxine stroked her chin, pensive.

“How strange…

What is Thomas up to? What kind of person is he?” Thea was confused.

She thought that Thomas would never harm James.

Now that Maxine’s speculation was proven to be true, she could no longer figure Thomas out.

James looked at Maxine and asked, “Maxine, what do you think Grandpa is up to?” Maxine rolled her eyes and said, “I’m not God.

How would I know? Forget it, you shouldn’t overthink things.

It’s getting late.

We should sleep.” She turned to leave.

Meanwhile, Thea grabbed James’ hand and consoled him, “ Darling, I don’t think Grandpa’s a bad person.

Although he has a close relationship with the Gu Sect, everything he did seemed to be paving the way for you.” “Paving my way?” “T mean, think about it.

Grandpa asked Yaroslav to cooperate with you.

It’s obvious he’s paving the way for you.

Now that you’re the Emperor, you get to accomplish more things with Yaroslav’s assistance.

Maybe Grandpa wants you to become the King.” 2 Thea analyzed.

“How smart of you, Darling.

Unfortunately, I don’t think this is possible.” James shook his head slightly.

“Don’t overthink things.

We should sleep.” Thea stood up and dragged James into the room.

After returning to the room, James lay on the bed.

Resting his head on his arm, he simply stared at the ceiling and daydreamed.

Thea, on the other hand, showered.

“Darling…” James was in deep contemplation when a voice came.

Heturned his head and saw Thea, who was draped in a towel.

Her slender figure was bewitching.

She walked out of the bathroom and said to James, “Go shower already.

By the way, I think we should have a child soon.

Darling, do you prefer a boy ora girl?” ° The first half of Thea’s sentence made James’ heart skip a beat.

However, the latter half of the sentence filled James with anxiety.

Achild? He had yet to deal with Tiara’s pregnancy.

“What are you thinking about, Darling? Go shower.” Thea’s cheeks reddened.

“Thea…” James sat on the bed with a surly expression on his face.

Thea asked, “What’s wrong?” “There’s something I think you should know…” James’ expression turned grim.

He knew that Thea would be enraged upon hearing this.

However, he could not keep this information from her forever.

“What is it?” “T-Tiara, she…” James stammered.

“What’s wrong with her?” “She’s pregnant.” “What?” Thea was rooted to the spot.

Back then, Maxine had casually brought the issue up.

However, she thought she was just messing with her.

Now that James had uttered those words, she was stunned.

Her eyes brimmed with tears that flowed down her cheeks.


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