The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 1117

Chapter 1117
After receiving James’ order, Nathaniel swiftly left.

James looked at Delilah and gave his assurance, “Don’t worry, I’ll thoroughly investigate the matter.

No matter who was the one behind this, they will not escape justice.” Delilah thanked James gratefully, “Thank you so very much, James.

If not for you, I really don’t know what I should do.

Yesterday, I would have been…” James waved his hand slightly and interrupted her, “You’re General Kimberly’s daughter.

Your affairs are my affairs.

Besides, I’ve told you to call me if you have any difficulties.” “Got it, I will.” Delilah smiled.

“What do you plan to do today? Let me send you back for now.” Since James had nothing to do in the military region, he offered to send her back.

After a brief contemplation, Delilah said, “Nothing much, I plan to return and await your good news.

All this while, my mom has been worried sick about my dad.

She’s worried that he’s…” Yesterday’s investigation did not reveal her stepfather’s whereabouts.

James said, “I’ll investigate via other channels and find his whereabouts.

I’ll notify you once I find him.” “Thank you.” “T’ll send you back.” James stood up.

Then, the two left the office.

After leaving the building, James personally drove Delilah back.

Delilah’s family was rich.

And since she was also a popular actress, she had a steady stream of income.

Now, however, everything that was worth something had been sold off.

Even her savings were gone.

Now, she was staying with her mother in the suburbs.

The place was called Bruton District.

The neighborhood, which was constructed a few decades ago, was considered an old area.

Even so, in a place like the Capital, rental prices were exorbitant.

“Right over there.” After arriving in Bruton District, Delilah pointed at an apartment building and said, “My mom and I are staying here.

You can send me off here, James.

I can head upstairs myself.” “1’ll go have a look,” James said.

He did know Travis’ family members, but he only knew he hada daughter.

It was only when he met Delilah in the Southern Plains last time that he learned bits and pieces about Travis.

James learned that Travis had a falling out with his wife.

His wife believed he was a good-for-nothing who would only drink and gamble.

In the end, she thought that he disappeared without a trace after being pursued by loan sharks.

After that, she remarried another man.

Although the state has made known Travis’ contributions to Sol, James still felt the need to explain in person.

Travis was a national hero, not a good-for-nothing alcoholic.

Since James insisted, Delilah gently nodded.

She showed the way while James followed close behind.

On the seventh floor…

A few men in black shirts were walking along the corridor.

“Boss, is this the place?” “Our information is reliable.

Once we capture the mother and daughter, we’ll be rich!” “This should be safe, right?” “Totally! 1 investigated their background.

They are ordinary people.

Besides, the Tucksons are the ones ordering the capture.

Even if they have someone behind them, do they stand a chance against the Tucksons?” Soon, they stopped in front of a door.

A forty-year-old-looking man in the lead glanced at the house number and said, “This is the place.” “Boss, let me do the knocking.” A honcho stepped forward and knocked on the door forcefully.

“Who’s there?” A voice came from inside.

“Open the door.

We’re here to deliver the gas you ordered.” This was the room Delilah and her mother rented.

Though her mother was approaching fifty years of age, she looked very young.

Wearing an apron, she was sweeping the floor when she heard a knock on the door.

She frowned.


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